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Oakland, seventy two San Francisco, sixty eight Hayward, seventy-five, San Jose. Seventy six degrees forecast for tomorrow overnight tonight, mostly clear and mild with lows in the mid to upper fifties. It's ten thirty one back to foreign. Welcome back to forum. I'm Tanya Moseley information. A Kim we're talking with Scott dickers-, founder of the onion dot com and authored editor of welcome to the future, which is mined by not Alon musk. And he's taking selfies as we're sitting here in the studio. Such a twenty year old you're such twenty year old. Yes, you are before the break. We were talking a little bit about putting the call out to folks about their favourite onion article or headline. But I also asked you the question have there ever been an article or headline that you would go back and change or not publish it? All yes. So back. Let's go back a little ways to the creation of the internet when our tech people introduced us to triple editing, which was incredible. Because once you put a story out online. It wasn't over you could go back in and we got kind of obsessed with that. Because you're always trying to perfect things. Get better find a new joke for this part. All this is a much better joke. Let's get that in there. And I actually had to put a moratorium on that and take the password away from people 'cause they were too obsessively going back and changing things. So the short answer is. Yes. Oh god. Yes. We did want to go back. And change a lot. Yeah. Those even a story that we did once where we went back and completely change the headline in the idea the story was. Mcdonald's to open up inside area. Mcdonald's and a few years went by unannounced gotta change. Starbucks opens up inside Starbucks. That's funnier. So, but yeah, going way back when the print days when you couldn't do that. There were some stories that we ran. So in the early years, we were trying to figure out how to do satire and a lot of what we did was mostly kind of sophomoric and pretty amateurish and shocking because your college kids, you're trying to like shock the system and be funny. And that's one of the few tools that you turn to shock humor. And so we went after some targets that probably weren't deserving. I remember a story. We did once the goddess into so much trouble that I would go back and change or cut. If I could that was. Gulf war syndrome caused by idiots who join army that was the head of the ass. What I'm saying? Like, you you make mistakes like that. And you learn, but like veterans groups wrote us, angry, letters and one particular guy hounded us for years after that. And you know, at some point in many of them, sometimes they don't stand the test of time either so back then like there would be headlines that probably be so funny. And then today, we look at it like a little yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Because times change things like gay rights has changed so much in the popular perception in just the last thirty years, so but thankfully, everybody at the onion is pretty woke. So all of our jokes Figo back. Our our heads are mostly in the right place. But yeah, occasionally, we did we did slip up, and it would be great to erase those from memory. All right. Let's take some calls. We asked listeners what their favorites were. And let's see. Take a Vlade high Bod from San Francisco. Hi there. Hey, thanks for having me on. I got a couple of favorite headlines and just a comment. One is there's two people. It's like an image of people sitting opposite each other and says sides are you on the right one? For a long time. And then the other one I had an appeaser instead drugs win drug war and were burning men for many years. It was a huge hit. And that's great. Can I just respond to those two sides? Are you on the right one? That's a great one. I think that was just one of the headlines of images that we talked about. I don't know that that was a full article and drugs article, I just saw that image and drugs win drug war. That was a headline from our first original book, which was called Artem century. Which is a look back at the twentieth century through pages of the onion, you know, fake front pages. Super proud of that book because we cover everything, you know, from the Titanic to the. The Christian, right? Ascending into heaven on January one two thousand and drugs. Win drug war was. A headline in the ninety s and these two stone owners were like taking the podium as drug czar. Barry McCaffrey was ceding power. So I'm delighted you've got use out of that shirt. Thank you so much. Yeah. It kind of both funny and sad to see that hashtag, not the onion has evolved. Now, you have to like put that in front of articles where it seems like it'd be written by the onion. But it's actually just true. Thank you so much for that. Yeah. It's true. People. Don't know. What's true? What's not see kind of that is popular as Dan? I don't know if it's because the world is more absurd now because the world has always been pretty absurd, and there's always been plenty of awful terrible people to make fun of and whatever. Or I don't know if it's just that. There's so much information now that people's attention spans are so much shorter that when they see something or anything they're not even gonna do two seconds of research or critical thinking to determine whether it's true. So they might immediately see something and not be sure. And also, I think part of the issue is sometimes the onion does get a little too subtle. And I'm not a big fan of when we're too subtle. I like when we sort of hit people on top of the head and make it kind of obvious and funny, we have a comment from Krista. She writes, the headline no way to prevent this says only nation where this regularly happens. This one always gets to me it. I see it posted after every shooting, and it so indicative of how we refuse to learn or change. It's a great satirical headline. And I didn't think of it. I don't know who did it came out of the writing pool. I'm sure I'm sure somebody knows who wrote it, but for a long time whenever there was a mass shooting the onion had to come up with a. Funny headline to put out in response to it. Which was painful because they kept happening. And it's like, oh my God. How can we be funny, and we're not Craig Ferguson. So we can't go out there and tell the audience look something terrible happened today. I can't be funny. The onions not gonna break character like that it has to do something. So that headline was so ingenious because it's something that. Is funny. It's a good ironic medical humor joke, but it works even better because it repeats like she said, the the satirical point the subtexts really comes through powerfully even more powerful each time. So not only is it. Great satire, but it saves the onion writers a ton of grief from having to come up with a new joke. Every time something horrible happens. A lot of folks bring up the publication after nine eleven as well. You all did then. Yeah. So I wasn't at the onion then. But all I had just left. So all the people were like, my people I had hired them. And I was so proud of them. It was a great issue. And also, I know that I'm pretty sure that the first print issue distributed in San Francisco was the nine eleven issue. I think we started here in two thousand one and people in San Francisco are always talking to me about that issue. And how they fell in love with the onion as soon as they saw that issue, which is so cool. It broke my heart when we had to stop the printed edition here. And what year was that the eels not? I don't remember when print stopped in San Francisco. Yeah. Yeah. Let's take another call. Cindy. And Santa Rosa. Hi, cindy. Hi. Hey, what's your question or comment or favourite article as the one of my favorites was probably about ten years ago where it was like you could outsource your job? And then like, you know, do it have paid somebody a lot less for it. And you would just sit in the office and just kind of collect your paycheck. That was hilarious. Thank you. Cindy, you're smart. I also wondered I wondered how many people actually thought about doing that? Because I know it kind of like, oh, I wonder if that would work, right? I wonder if overseas slavery will work for. One of my favorites is the let's see if I could get it. Right. But it was about podcasting. And it was something like twenty three million podcast. Producers are looking for folks to interview other show or something like that. But it was hilarious. And it was like in twenty twelve or something. I don't remember that podcasting was I did a podcast in two thousand four. Yeah. Yeah. Podcasting has been around for a while. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let's take another caller. We have rob from San Francisco. Hi, rob. Hi, thanks for having me on God. I love I've always loved San tiring, and and that kind of humor from shows like the office, but I think nowadays with things being so serious and getting downright depressing. I think websites like the onion or the Borowitz report and satire is actually keeping us all saying because we have to be able to laugh at ourselves. And if we can't do that your life is just too serious. Yeah. No. I appreciate you saying that. And I think about that a lot Andy Borowitz, a friend of mine, I just saw him the other day, and we were talking about that. When terrible things are happening in our lives. We kind of revert to lizard brain. And we're in flight or fight response. And that's when humor kind of feels inappropriate and a lot of people. Now, they're starting to talk about. Yeah. Boy satire is this really the, you know, the right time or place shouldn't we be doing something shouldn't be activists or whatever. But it's true that humor is a great coping mechanism for times of tragedy. And we do need it to remember that we're humans and not lizards even though terrible things are happening. And so you know, it's what I do. So I don't know how effective of an activist. I would be, but I know how to write a funny book. So I'll keep doing that. And. Yeah. Hopefully, people do still find some refuge in it. Yeah. Laugh to keep from crying against. Exactly. Yeah. We've got max max from San Francisco. Hi, max. Hi, thanks for having me. One of my very favorite laugh out. Loud headlines is during the Bush administration. It's Bush vows to eliminate US dependence on oil by forty nine twenty. There's a quote in there. That says we must free ourselves from dependence on fossil fuels with an eighty five generation, right? It's just so great because we keep winning this problem off and one no better now than we were thirteen years ago. So thank you very much. Thank you max. Yeah. The onions coverage on global warming. I think has been really good, but George W Bush those were those were fun times..

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