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King podcast after an incredible weekend in the nfl. But this is really a special. Peter king podcast this week. It's the first one ever that is going to be on television on peacock. So if you're watching this like i'm sure at least eighteen. Twenty twenty five million people are watching this. You're watching the first one in history so it's really cool but i really appreciate you joining me. We got a great podcast this week. We've got justin tucker of the baltimore ravens to describe what it's like to make one of the biggest kicks of your life after one of the greatest games in recent. Nfl history so justin tucker the kicker the ball baltimore ravens on the heels of their forty seven. Forty two victory over the cleveland browns. In cleveland on monday night. He'll be here. And also america's favorite steve kornacki will be here to talk about little bit about politics. But we're gonna talk a lot about america and about his love of football. It's going to be cool. So thanks so much for joining me can have a very quick open so we can get to the conversations two very interesting things that i think This week week fourteen will really be remembered for one jalen hurts his debut. I wrote a lot about this in my columnist week. But i think the most notable couple of things to realize about jalen hurts is look carson wentz. His time in philadelphia is not over. It might be. We'll see but what has to happen before then. I do want you to remember one thing though. Joe banner the former cap guy in executive of the philadelphia. Eagles told me no contract is untradable. So don't go thinking that i will. The eagles are kinda stuck with carson. Wentz i mean. I don't think the eagles are stuck with carson. Wentz second thing. What teams are likely if he ever does go on the market carson wentz number one indianapolis number two new england. There will be others. But i'll tell you what. I think going to indianapolis in a pretty quiet midwestern place in. That's where obviously carson wentz's from from north dakota i think it'd be a great match for him and reuniting with his former offensive coordinator in philadelphia frank right but anyway getting way ahead of ourselves. That's not going to be determined until the very least february when philadelphia has a chance to sit back in basically think about so second thing is with green bay winning and new orleans. Losing in this weekend you know what it means. It means that green bay not only has great shot to win home field now in the nfc but just think about how important home field would be in the nfc. Forget the crowd. I'm talking about a weather okay. So the green bay packers would have to play home games on the weekend of january tenth in the weekend of january seventeen. So what does that mean. What it means is that look at all of the southern and western teams. That are gonna be in the playoffs and might have to go to green bay on january tenth and january seventeenth with. Let's go go down in order. the los angeles rams the tampa. Bay buccaneers the arizona cardinals. The new orleans saints the seattle seahawks. No one on. Those teams plays with any regularity when it's eight degrees wind chill when it's snowing sideways so i understand crowds or a huge factor in the playoffs but there will be no crowds or there will be very very small crowds this year. The whole thing is climate and that is the biggest thing with home field in the nfc this year. So let's get to our conversations. Were going to go first to baltimore maryland. Add to the home. Actually to the basement of kicker justin tucker. Who had incredible monday night. I'm so happy this week to be joined by justin tucker The baltimore ravens. Kicker on the podcast. Not only because you know. He's topical now because of what in the baltimore. Cleveland game on monday night but also because he's a fun guest. He has the best set for the peter king podcasts. Perhaps in podcast history so justin. Thanks for joining me. And you're in a beautiful spot there in in baltimore thank you. I don't know if i should show everybody that. This is my kind of catch. All right now. We got like just like a random. Tv on the floor. You got the guitars connect guitar. You get a drought glass. Glass of prisoner. So do you play the drums. I don't they're they're they're miniature. Drums are for my my son. He said it was a it. Was the christmas gift that has kept on giving for several years. Now as as you can imagine a two three four year old boy. A loves playing his drums quite loudly much to the chagrin of his his mother and father at times. Yeah oh that's good. Well anyway thank you so much for joining and look obviously anybody who watched the monday night game this week. Baltimore forty seven cleveland. Forty two there are so many things. But what i thought it would be interesting to do is not just ask you about the game winning field goal but have you take us into what it was like to be in the middle of honestly the game of the year so far in the nfl and truly one of the great in most compelling games that that i've ever seen. And i guess. I would start out by saying you're on the females. You're watching everything happened..

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