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Everybody hasn't heard your story. Not everybody's heard my winners wins story. I've told that thing. I know no fewer than a thousand times over the last ten years. And still every time I tell it, people like, man, I never heard that story before. That's awesome. And it's like, dude, I, we just don't realize how much repetition is necessary in order for us to have the have the effect that we want. Nice, hot tip. Thank you, Jared, actually, good one. Yeah. And that's what point because when you go back and you go well, like four episodes ago, I was talking about this. Well, you may have a new listener. Just tuned in just gonna go four episodes ago. I know what you're talking about and we talk about that too. And then we are Suming that they have listened to it, but you. Assume that ideal. I'm really soak in the see. Johnny teaches me things all the time he, he sweetened always gives me compliments about, you know, telling me I'm good at what I'm doing, but I, I learned much from this man. Yeah, a lot goes a lot more goes into to what he does that. I think people realized because it makes it seem so easy. You know. Any rocket anybody who has ever tried to do their own show or talk in front of a camera instantly has newfound respect for anybody who does it professionally and what we. We do it professionally, you you and I do. I I, it's something that we we're, we're good at its we, but it didn't come just naturally I, I had. It's funny because when I started podcasting instantly, I always did well because for the past seven years, I had been running alive, trading room, three hours a day every day. And so I could come in behind a microphone and talk for three hours straight and have no problems. Like, man, how'd you good? So good so fast. It's like now I didn't get so good. So fast. I got good over seven years before I ever saw the podcast. It's like it doesn't come easy to a lot of to most people. What happens is you get in there and you do it every day and and and then you make it look easy. So no, I anybody who can talk in front of a camera, read off a teleprompter behind a microphone in an empty room. Room and go for twenty minutes has my respect because it's not an easy thing to do. Well, like I was telling her, I mean, you know what, what it entails like, but you do like a, you know, an hour show or sometimes longer you do a show every day, but nobody understands how much time is spent on prep work. So I think it's hilarious because everyone's like, oh, they just think that you sit down start talking about stop. But really we have to research like Sopher every hour. There's probably four, three to four hours of research on the show with that we're doing. Fishing, then there's everything. Yeah. No, it's it's, it's four. It's probably it's close to four hours a day by the time he got traveled time and research and prep work. And then recording the show, then post production stuff. Yeah, it's it's close to four hours a day to do a one hour show, and yes, that is. Yeah, people don't realize how much time it takes like, oh, why don't you start a second show? It's like. Freaky. Yeah, this is crazy. You do in every day though? Jason. I mean, that's still quite a bit. I mean, that's a lot, and yeah, it is. It's a lot. It's a lot. I mean, I don't know. Luckily, there's news but I mean, other than that, man, I, I mean on my hat off to you on that one because we can barely find something to talk about, you know, because we do a segment after our show for our patriots and they, you know, we, we try to talk about something that we find interesting. We're about twenty to thirty minutes after the show. So people who get who are paying us for the show, get to hear railing myself complain about things, you know, pretty much for thirty minutes, right? And that's what we do is if people like it because they're like, yeah, I get it..

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