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Corrective state when sounds like he is one that will be airing primetime on the us television networks all this week smoking kills on average 1200 americans every day more people die every year from smoking than from murder aides suicide drugs car crashes and alcohol combined smoking causes heart disease emphysema acute myeloid leukemia and cancer of the mouth asaf agha's larynx lung stomach kidney bladder and pancreas about tv advert as when was paid for by the big tobacco companies eleven years all through a federal judge ruled that they had conspired to deceive the us public about the dangers of smoke tim frank spoke to stunned glance an expert on tobacco companies strategy how the university of california san francisco the company's sh fought leash statement sh for eleven years after the court ordered them to make them and while the statements that they are making are true and held full their substantially watered down from what the court originally ordered which was should them to explicitly admit to the public that they lied about these issues for decades wind with a watered down in legal terms than what with the arguments of the tobacco companies one the tobacco companies argued that it was a violation of our first amendment our free speech rights here to be compelled to say publicly that they had lied even though court had concluded that they had lied and the industry kept appealing each decision that the judge made down to even fighting about the font size and with the finance should be in the announcements the tobacco companies are probably the most litigious companies in the world and every time the judge kessler issued a ruling they would appeal at the end of the fighting over the precise wording of the.

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