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And then he looked at the technology they were creating and he was like, that's So that makes so much sense they're just trying to recreate the womb. It's like the one like male drive is to like get rid of any friction. Any discomfort 'cause men are ultimately like have much lower pain threshold and discomfort threshold than women do and yeah, it's just an interesting and now that Cova happening and there's like all this conflict around people are withdrawing into these virtual bubbles there were designed by these like all male media labs a decade ago It's Depressing. Is. It's so weird how much men hate women and I feel like the tech conglomerate is the place where they really hate women hate us over there just spent their whole life beaten on their little keyboards is getting mad get mad and nobody would love them? So all we need is your womb bit. Right. Lips, we want lips feel soft and. Pick. Things it's like, no, you need human interaction with a woman you do if you're attracted to them. Also were humans you can just be friends as well in addition to. Get Out of your way. We could not have any opinions. I just think didn't work in a company where there are no women I can guarantee you that your shit is not fire. It is nothing. Exactly what about the sounds like you have? No even on this is trash. Woman who you just read everything by like, Hey, girl tell us what's wrong. Thing of this is the thing. Okay. Girl tell us what's wrong. I met that's how they would ask. That's the thing about the patriarchy and that's the thing about any kind of oppressive system. It ends of fucking the people who created it themselves right like select the Patriarch D. like yacht like. No disrespect to men I actually disrespect to mess. Okay. But like you know this is the analogy I always used for this. I think it's something like some crazy number like. Forty. percent of men who are colorblind I think it's something like that compared to like i. i WanNa say like eight percent of women who are colorblind. So I always say like y'all can't even see the colors in front of you. Mike. You can't even see what's right in front of you and your and your preventing a half of the population who can see all that like women, and this has been proven a bunch of times that we are just more into detail like we see here, everything we know everything that's going on and that's really not a biological thing that's because we've been trained up to do that. and. So it's like you guys it's like so you you put all these. When we wonder why the world is, the way it is is because of that, you've cut out half of the population. So you don't you're losing that amount of creativity that intelligence ingenuity and then y'all are not even the best at doing stuff like you can't run house you can bet like. y'All are just messy and it's like we're here and you don't utilize what we have to offer and all because you wanna keep the power and what does that do? It creates the world that we're in. Now where we oil spills every five days where you know the the the ozone layer you know is open and closed independent on what Hogan's doing. In the house or we not you know what I mean we have like every like. If you can't household, how can you run a business? How can you country? How can you run a country? How can you WANNA world? It's one and twelve men are colorblind in the world and one and two hundred women are colorblind in the world. So the statistic it stands even with the electric like. It's wild and when I heard that I was like Wayne what y'all can't even see the colors. I was like, I'm competing against. You know I have to fight like ten times. It's hard to be taken seriously for people to listen to me and unlike. The colors is that take woman flags like if you're working in Texas a woman Guy Challenges you and you're like what color that ball? Body right in front of the class. Right. We don't want shame people for that disability is. We can help you. We can help us. That's the point and you're not tapping resource and you wonder why just just just from the fundamental aspect of. Like it's imbalanced since. Enforced balance. Yeah exactly. Exactly. Yeah. I think a lot of it goes back to you know sexual insecurity and you know Biblical Times where they just decided we're GonNa make this whole thing about. Finding ways to make women do what men want to do. Right. A while they had us, they had us in the first half. You Know Oh I got a myth. Let's here's my laying. I got. So you know. The Myth of you may have heard of this. But like the hunter gatherer why back when we were hunter gatherers, why was it that men went to Hunt and women stayed home? So like do the berries and whatever they tell you about picking berries, right? Yes. Berries do the various. So you know the myth is that. While men were strong men were faster men in that's why they would go out hunting but the real the true reality behind that is this and this is from an anthropologist that when women when when men would go out right hunting party like six if three, only three came home it would be sad it would be horrible everybody. Sad but eventually, village life would go back to normal. But if a hunting party of six women went out and only three came back, the village would fall apart and that's because women contributed. So fucking much and so as a result of that. So we have this myth that it's like strength and that's why you guys go out there and but the truth is that that. Hunter Gatherer Societies recognized the importance and the value of women to the society and how integral were, and if you've got you lost one of us, you would feel the impact. Genetically encoded that if if like basically hungry mothers give birth to more daughters because in a time of greater hunger, like where fewer people are surviving daughters are like women are the more precious. You know the more important valuable, a human being, and so when there's hunger, the human body just naturally switches to giving birth to daughters and it's not like the human bodies thinking that it's that that is what is better for the survival of the species, and therefore that is what has come down to us through evolution. That's so dough. Bomb. PRISCILA. Fun Having you on the daily Zeitgeist where can people find you and follow you Okay you can follow me at Priscilla Davies actor on I G and on twitter I'm Q- Ot Desert. The desert. Oh Shit And is there a tweet or some other work of social media you've been enjoying? Alley. Yeah I got a tweet that I really liked. Missy Elliott didn't write girls girls girls get that cash whether it's nine to five or shaking your ass in two thousand and two for people to still be shaming sex workers in twenty twenty.

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