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Toward the end of Hughes's nearly year long sojourn away from Los Angeles. He had been out flying with decarlo when he decided to stop and call in for his messages they landed and Howard when inside the airport telling Yvonne he would be back in five minutes. He was gone a lot longer than that. And Yvonne snuck out of the plane to see what was going on. She found him as she remembered later Yellen on the phone saying, you just don't give a damn you. Don't give a damn and I thought once that she scrambled back to the plane. And when he finally returned Hughes asked, Yvonne, are you serious about me? She found out later that Howard had been talking to Ava Gardner who had been involved with Hughes, but had told him that she was marrying Yvonne's old friend Artie Shaw. Yvonne and Howard returned to Los Angeles together where he moved into the townhouse a luxury hotel not far from the embassador there. She would visit him at night and lounge around his room, which he had filled with advertising mockups for his film via out law. The pair would eat dinner make love and then while Yvonne slept Howard would agonize over the outlaws advertising deep into the night. She noticed that he had what she described as long curling toenails, the nearly wrap themselves around his toes. This struck me as a bit strange. But I struggle it off figuring he must have some well-thought reason for them. Hughes. Yvonne furniture to fill the house. She had recently purchased with her Sallemi salary. He had a dress designed for her which she hated and only wore on dates with him. She believed they were in a serious relationship. And that they would eventually Mary. But Hughes used his prodigious influence over the local media to make sure that their relationship remains secret to anyone outside the bubble in which they moved together. Still quite young and naive. Yvonne. Didn't think this was a big deal until one day when she went out to lunch with Maria Montas and Pat did Chico one of Hughes's right hand men. Montas told her to wake up Hughes was not going to marry her then did Chico of all people added his two cents. Don't you know about all the other girls in his life? Yvonne said, of course, she knew Howard had been involved with other women he talked about Billie dove almost every day. But that was in the past. Did she co and Montas were basically like Linda Darnell 's not in the past? They told her that Hughes was a compulsive liar who kept girls stashed all over town. Early that summer. Yvonne came right out and asked Hughes will we ever be married. He told her unambiguously no shortly after that he had his nearly fatal plane crash. And he and Yvonne didn't see each other for three years after that. Suddenly Yvonne got a call that he wanted to come to her house and talked to her about starring in a film for the studio. He now owned Arcadio he arrived with a script, and they had a long conversation ever vein. He was asked do I look different to you? Poetry. He must have been deeply concerned about his appearance because I had never known him to seek reassurance before Yvonne recalled, Yvonne, lied and said he didn't. But he did as she put it. Hey, looked dreadful like a caricature of his former self he had aged twenty years and become a shell of the man I had known and loved..

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