Founder, Google, Eric Schmitt discussed on Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman


By your product i didn't say if you're not indicted or if you're not deeply ashamed by your product indeed if you'd launch so fast that your product generates lawsuits alienates users or burns to capital without any parent gain you did in fact launched who soon commandment number six decide decide decide every founder has to learn how to make decisions it is oftentimes better to make a wrong decision usually correctable than no decision and we actually eluded to this earlier with my story about bin and read this is something eric schmitt former sea of google learned when he was taking flying lessons navy eishin they teach you to make rapid decisions any over and over again decide decide decide and it's better to make a decision and just picks up the consequences and that discipline helped may in hard times i was at villa in a real hardcore turnaround it's also served him well in the freewheeling idea generating climate he cultivated a cool in fact he might argue that it was the secret to their success and continues to be the secret to their continued success you must have disciplined decisionmaking in order to survive let alone thrive the most important thing to do is to have quick decisions and you make some mistakes but you need decisionmaking we ultimately adopted a model staffing on monday oh this is meeting on wednesday in a product meeting on friday and this is organized so that people could travel and the right west and the agenda was everybody knew which meeting the decisions were made out and so is long as you could wait a week you knew you'd get a hearing on your deal i cannot tell you how many people have told me that a google decisions are made today quickly in almost every case even of our current scale and that's the legacy of that decision most large corporations have too many lawyers to me this is makers unclear owners and things congealed thick occur very slowly.

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