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And when we're when you're talking about the Gary's if you wanna. To change the Gerry's to Michelle's. Yeah. We do that. We'll do that for you for I two five Michelle's. Yeah. Whoever you are. Maybe you want to give shout out to a friend within four out of five rules four out of five. Anton. So now you say name four out of five Brittany Murphy's. No. What happened? Four five bianca's hook it for what those are good for. I two five Sofia's. Why do we keep Keith ledgers? I not soon. Five. Joy can achieve ratify for just. You get the idea. But that starting bid again is at two hundred dollars. If you want to beat somebody out for their bid you'll have to do. So in increments of fifty dollars. Okay. The beautiful Jess is standing by to take your calls from our promotions department, and we love her six five one six four one one zero seven one that is the number that you've got a call come on. I can't wait to see who's going to be the voice Marshall. It's going to be a lot of fun. Right arise. We know. It's not going to be Rocco. Or wait in hope Aaron all sorts of. Okay. All right. What do you wanna tell me about Tom Cruise? So Tom Cruise was in the Jack Reacher movie. Yes. Member ID number. I did not see it. But I am aware of it. So evidently now that that the creator of that is Lee child. Okay. Author Lee child wrote this Jack Reacher series. Yes. And so he started the movie on the big screen, but evidently, Tom Cruise too small to play him on the small screen. Crews are all his talent didn't have that physicality is what Lee child told BBC radio Manchester's Mike Sweeney in child's book and.

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