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Were possible. It's like it gives you more possibilities. Elia you're i mean you're unlocking your potential. Yeah exactly that's that's the best way to put it much better with words of me. So i i started that and i thought this is incredible. I loved it. I was passionate about it. Don't get me wrong. That was a little hard work and it still is anything when you do you. Passion like when you have your passion is a job. It's not like this dream job. The still a lot of high work. And i think people misunderstand that you still have to work really really hard but i knew i could do it because i got through my mental health issues and i try and really hot and i can do all these other things i can do these two and i sat james cosmetics with my my friend and my manager and we've had that for four years now and so like it's it's sort of. I've gone to different things. But when people ask me what my accomplishment it's not getting on Update on how many magazine covers like women's health many many times and different magazines or it's not being on tv or being on the forbes list. It's not these things which don't get me wrong. There's still amazing but for me. My biggest accomplishment is is overcoming my own mental health issues and my confidence in myself worth issue. So i've been able to come sorry fi personally that that outweighs anything else. It's it's so much better than any other achievement. I could achieve in my career. I someone who may be struggling with their own mental health battles. What would be one jumping off. Point one piece of advice that you would offer to them to be a life raft to be the lifeboat. That helps them make a change. You have to be the lifeboat seriously. Like i had to realize that it was up to me to make those changes. Don't wait for anyone else to do it. Of course you can get support and don't be ashamed to get support from people who are either close with you that care about you and and knowing what they're doing because you can get the wrong person to that can hold you back. They may love you but they might not be the right person but that's where it professionals coming to so get professional. Help and don't be ashamed. That's one of the biggest things but you still have to do the work so you have to when you go home. It's like training. If you wanna get feed you can go once a week once a fortnight and expect to get changes you have to be consistent and five times a week or whatever that number is you've got to do it many times and then you see changes and you'll feel changes and you get fit but if you're if you're just going once every now and then you're going to get anywhere so it's the same with your mental health. You need to be consistent with and work on it every single day and i still work on it so i went through depression years ago through anxiety still getting saudi every now and then now it doesn't completely go away. You just stay on top of it and you become aware of when you starting to get dragged down and he can make changes and you can do things that that help you move forward and and overcome it. I guess and stay on top of it. But yet the biggest thing that i can say is that you have to realize that you have to do the work. But you're worth it. You are worth it. You are worthy you. You are meant to bahia born for raisin and you can have whatever you want in your life and obviously within reason but you just have to and this is what i tell myself if i went back and spoke to myself as a teenager to to hang on to kate kate going forward and believe in yourself that whatever there is out there that you want you can achieve it but you have to do the work. No one else can do it for you. So this people that that struggle with these. These issues mental health issues and they. They just always go to someone else expecting them to help them which they can but they can only support you have to do it. I think i've stressed that enough. Do you think you have to do it. I totally understand. I totally see where you're coming from. I recently had a conversation with alexi. Papa's she's a runner and she's very vocal about dealing with her own depression mental health struggles and something that i think is super valuable that she said to me which i'll share with. You is thinking about depression as having an injury on your brain and just as though with any sort of physical injury where you would talk to a physical therapist and get a sexy set of exercises in start doing rehab and then learning from experience that when you have injuries going forward you can go back to those exercises knowing that if you put in the time and if you put in the work you can help your body get better. The same thing goes for mental health and depression And dealing with the difficulties that come hand in hand with that understanding that we have the power to establish and come up with as you called it a toolbox and then use that toolbox when things feel hard regardless of whether it's few days in a row if it's a difference of a few years apart going back to that toolbox and realizing that there are things in yours to help you get to where you want to be and get to a better place. Yep yep definitely and you need to sit there like even today and write. A list of things will in your final. Wherever somewhere you can access easily and raleigh's two things that make you feel better that you enjoy doing that. You can then go in. That can be your toolbox. So if you're feeling shitty you can go to that and and work through it but you have to do it and stay on top of it when you start having those feelings act before it gets too too late and it's never too late but you want to get on top of it sooner rather than later but we all. We all have struggles. I love what you said there about having a list that you can go to of things that make you happy. I remember during covid and we're talking about how the past year year and change is definitely been a difficult time. I remember as many of my friends were leaving new york. I needed to sit down and make a list of the things that i can do in my life on my own that i can rely on my cell for that. Bring me joy. Yeah exactly if you feeling good too. You know those feelings soto flow and come easily when you feeling dan. It's hard to come up with things that make you feel good so you've got to do it when you're in a good sort of place i mean there's an any times better than our time but when you feeling good and you know what makes you feel good then right the list on and safety you have a good day and you go out and you don't know what you do exiling or something crazy brought down and this made me feel.

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