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There's another being serse sir. I'm being very yes. Let's see if you can get the lantis answer. The anna stor. The jennifer and stern are trying to find something from season. One that you'll know. Okay oh there we go. What were the first words. King robert said to ned stark in episode one of season one source episode. Yes the first words king robert said are you've got that you've got mailed you look old. Your hair looks terrible. You look old or you got fat. let's go i believe. Go ahead you one of those two. I don't think so. I really i was gonna guess you got fat. What is the what is the actual answer. You got that is. I think there's a small chance that it could be. But i believe that he says you've not changed. And then ned response. You've got fat. I see so no never mind. It's it is you've got fat. That's the first thing he wow. I got it right and you got it wrong. that's crazy. Comey brand. 'cause i just ate you like granola. Let's that's actually perfect. That's the perfect place to end it. Well hersi ob- let's take our break. We will come back. I will give you the quiz that you're gonna fucking own. Finally something. I know shit about although i did do pretty good for not having watched ninety one percent of that.

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