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Discover Milan Italy with WSJ magazine and into Garay. Join WSJ magazine editors for behind the scenes access in Milan. As you meet the city's most influential tastes makers dine at top restaurants. Visit the private villas of lake coamo and much more book. This once in a lifetime trip at integrate dot com slash WSJ magazine or call six four six seven eight zero eight three eight three. With what's news from the Wall Street Journal. I'm Tanya boosts in New York, America's largest meat Packer. Tyson Foods is reinventing itself with a renewed focus on prepared foods will have the details with Wall Street Journal reporter Jacob bungee. But first some other top stories, we're following congress has approved a spending Bill to avert a second shutdown and keep the government open. But a new fight may be on the horizon, the three hundred thirty three billion dollar package includes seven spending bills and one point three eight billion four physical barriers at the southern border much less than the five point seven billion. The president demanded Democrats began discussing legal options late Thursday with the president expected to sign the Bill and declare national emergency for the very latest on this developing story had to wsJcom or the WSJ app. Amazon's surprise move Thursday to abandoned building its second headquarters in New York isn't an isolated incident. The Wall Street Journal's Dan Gallagher says the tech industry as a whole is wearing out its welcome at as public and political scrutiny of big tech intensifies Amazon cancelled its plans after significant opposition from local lawmakers in New York, a big sticking point was the billions of dollars in incentives offered to Amazon to build a New York. General Electric is downsizing plans for its Boston headquarters. The company has reached an agreement with Massachusetts to return eighty seven million dollars in incentives and sell the waterfront property GE has also scaled back plans to.

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