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Seven text beta was like one of those tall wavy things used part dealership that is really a good description of that's perfect. Have you ever seen beta a used car dealership with the you know on a Memorial Day special or Columbus Day special try watching him on sometime, and you read they really works. Five eight says with summer coming. I'm looking for at the beta waving his arms or head into a ceiling fan echoed happen to especially when he climbs up on the counter, there, whatever it is or a stool eight four four five hundred forty two forty two Bruce, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead Bros. Happy. Everybody in your staffing. And going and everybody in really wanna know little ham thing. Getting back to what I think that Trump should do is. Fake news thing and say, you know, what you know. I wanna get back to beta what I wanted me what my family. I'm not gonna run this next time. It just Dane would have it would be so awesome. And they'll come back. Yeah. Fake news. Don't think that's going to happen. Bruce. Thanks for the call. Suzanne you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Suzanne. Hi. That she went great and happy though, Suzanne. Very much. You know, feeling kind of like, you know, real Catholic today, and you know, went to the aquatic service at Tetra. But I think what is made me the happiest is when I read that. Michelle vakman. Yeah. The one for Minnesota the former congressman Minnesota. Yeah. Yeah. The whole situation. But she's like she's sort of an adviser of Gialle Trump that she said he might be maybe not aware of this. But she said that he he probably going to be the most biblical president. We've had and haven't seen. That me biblical. That he believes in the bible when other people all these fools that Democrats want to see that movie unplanned. Yeah. And all I mean, what have they become they become so. I know. No, you're right. You're right. It's this is good. I'm glad you mentioned this because this is a good lead in to. To a piece in the New York Post. The New York Times has had a problem for long lot of problems. But it said it has a problem with religion. They they're reporters don't know anything about religion. And so what happened yesterday the most recent thing, they they were doing a story on the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. And so they quoted this priest as who exposed himself to danger in order to recover, the some of the cathedral's treasured relics, I had two priorities to save the crown of thorns and a statue of Jesus the gray lady quoted saying. With the statue in hand father, -fornia alone in the nave gave a benediction to the cathedral. He said and as New York Post says there's one small problem here. There is no statue of Jesus inside Notre Dame, Dom, what father -fornia was referring to was the blessed sacrament communion bread that according to Catholic doctrine contains the real presence of Jesus Christ. Sure enough, the New York Times later appended this this correction to the story. An earlier version of this article misidentified one of the two objects recovered from Notre Dom by the Reverend John Mark for near. It was the blessed. Sacrament not a statue of Jesus how could the newspaper possibly confused these two things. The most logical explanation is that father forty referred to the body of Christ. And the reporter took his words literally and not seriously. Of course, embarrassing the reporters gaffe might be it's hard not to top this correction. The venerable paper in twenty thirteen an earlier version of this article mischaracterize the Christian holiday of Easter. It is a celebration of Jesus resurrection from the dead not his resurrection into heaven. I see a reporter baking, but don't don't they have a battery of editors even today on the New York Times at at least one of whom would be somewhat familiar with Roman Catholic doctrine. The following year. The paper once again botched the resurrection in an article on his Rayleigh tourism nearby. The vast church of the Holy Sepulchre marking the site where many Christians believe Jesus buried. Usually packed with pilgrims was echoing an empty observe the times. Again, the whole point of the resurrection is the Jesus rose from his tomb. He isn't buried anywhere. Other legendary times mistakes are more amusing but still betray alarming. Ignorance in two thousand five times international edition ran a story on the funeral of pope. John Paul the second, but noted quote, tucked under his long the under his left. Arm was the silver staff called the crow's ear the crows ear that he had carried in public the word for the ceremonial staff. Carried by Bishop is Crozier CRO S I e R sometimes spell CRO's EIA are not a crow's ear. Du CROs even have anything resembling ears asked the writer. I was thinking fourteen years later that error remains uncorrected. In two thousand fourteen there was this. Doozy of a correction an article about mayor Bill the Blasi, oh and earlier this the correction earlier version of this article misquoted a comment from Malachi accord on Saint Patrick Mr. McCord said my attitude is Saint Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland. They all came here, and they became conservatives. He did not say that Saint Patrick band banished. The slaves from Ireland. How's it? How do you not know that that part of of Catholic Catholic lore? The paper knows it has a problem in December twenty sixteen New York Times executive editor dean back Catt conceded. I don't know how to pronounce his name that. No one in the liberal media saw President Trump's victory coming because they had no sense of what voters fought we don't get religion. We don't get the role of religion in people's lives. And I think we can do much much better. But of course than they did this. They're they're not doing much better. At all. You know, the thing is if the New York Times was repeatedly making the same kind of religiously illiterate mistakes with Islam, they'd be accused of his Lama, phobia care would be attacking all the liberals would be outraged. But says it's Christians it doesn't matter. Yeah. Yeah. What what does it matter? I mean, I mean how where Jesus is buried. I mean, come on. That's boy. I know I know they all have hyphenated last names now, and they, you know, they're all humanist than their Brooklyn hipsters and all that stuff. But I know that the the country at large is Biblically literate compared the hundred years ago, but still I mean, not to know that about the snakes being, you know, driven out of Ireland, or you know, what the what the resurrection is or or, you know, I I would I mean, I don't know. I never knew what a Crozier was. But I wouldn't call it a crow's ear. I would've asked what what is that? What do you call that? How do you spell that? That's the way you're supposed to do it. Anyway. Eight four four five hundred forty to forty two. This is the story in the New York Times. That's kind of interesting today that Chuck Ross the daily caller reporter was talking about he thought he really liked the story Muller report likely to renew scrutiny of steel dossier. I certainly hope so. They're talking about how they're you know, now that the report is out they're going to try to figure out how this this Clinton. Sponsored fabrication was put together, and what was exactly onto it. We'll we'll take one more call then I'll I'll read the story. It's kind of interesting, Michael, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Michael. Our first dot thank you get Friday. Good Friday to you too. I wanted to talk about why President Trump is going to get re-elected. Yes. And it's because he understands how the Christian aces thinking about all the attacks on the person churches around the world at that's a huge part of it in my eyes at I'd like to hell what you think is the tunnel. I you think Michael I think I think Tucker Carlson, you know, he wasn't even the host of his own show on FOX. He was just the weekend guy on FOX and friends, but he wrote a piece I think it was for politico in twenty sixteen when you know, Trump was being just trashed on a daily basis by all these never Trumpers in the now defunct weekly standard and by glennbeck. Who's who? Now this over the hill talk show host and all these people, and I and they said he wasn't a good Christian and all that sort of thing. Thing and at Tucker Carlson made the point I quoted him in in my book, what really happened about the campaign. He said that evangelical Christians antics included Catholics, and the in the in as well said that they're not looking for spiritual leader in Donald Trump or any politician that looking for a bodyguard now looking for somebody who's who's not gonna come after them who's not gonna make you know, the the little sisters of the poor set up a health insurance plan that pays for abortions. But it's not gonna force bakers in Oregon to bake baked cakes for gay, weddings. You know? And that's I think I think that sums it up. I think that's why that's why you know, whatever he does. It does stormy Daniels or the other one I don't think I don't think his voters care about that stuff. They just know that he he's not going to, you know, come after them in may and try to make them into second class citizens. And you know, he under. Stands that. You can have you. You can have freedom of religion. You can't have freedom from religion. Because if you have freedom from religion, then you're depriving someone else of their freedom to to have religious beliefs. He who is without sin cast. I don't there's another. Thank you, Michael. Appreciate that eight four four five hundred forty two forty to forgive them father for they know not what they do eight four four five hundred forty two forty two. I'm Howie Carr. Jumps more..

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