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She's lived out there Jennifer passed off. I've had yet. She began to lose your hearing and she found that it made her hyper attentive to those around her because she had to really. She was lip she. She didn't study to relive she. Just learn that's the way that she needed and she needs to pay intense attention and it created almost this zone of connection with people around her that she felt while hearing loss. is something that didn't which warns he struggled with that. Capacity to be hyper present with people has been something that she really treasure. Yeah i think it made it kind of came in two different forms of me. I became hyper observant. Because you have to learn how to reach people than just that words which can be incredibly valuable later on especially if you find yourself in a snake bit like this industry that i'm in a very rarely people's was match their intentions. You can actually read someone like an mri almost but also it made me quite sterry person so a staff lonsdale and that makes me seem creepy. Come freaks people out. It's a it's been hit. And miss. But i definitely wouldn't go back and change the time because of how it shaped me how much it made me extra appreciative of music and how comfortable it made me in silence. And how much more thoughtful. I think it made me. Because i still miss that. A lot of children that have access to because of the chaos of Getting older so i very tranquil. I grew up in a chaotic household. An ida very turn coexistence within the because any so much chaos. You can access when he caught here..

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