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Door Hinchey can open it from either side nevertheless show. We saw you at was. I think the only Overlander shows, and you are showing some new coolers. Some the kept ice cream is hard as a brick which is a hard thing to do in an An RV. RV. Those are the portable refrigerator freidy freezers the cfpb XBox. And what's new for that is we've come up with a dual sewn? So it is a compressor driven refrigerator freezer that you could set anywhere from fifty degrees down a minus seven so some of the models is a single setting. So you have to choose you. I want to use it as a refrigerator or I can use it as a deep freeze. But now we've come up with a dole soun-, so it has few thermostats to leads to compartments so you can actually set one side to freeze wonder refrigerate or refer drapeau sides freeze. Both sides runs off a troll, volt or one ten technology is. Infecting literally every part of the RV. It really is. And and the especially with the CF XBox is an RV ears were really concerned with power consumption. And so with the ability to freeze down to minus seven with a twelve old compressor is pretty impressive. Show. This is the the big show the kicks off the twenty nine thousand nine season. What's your oppression of the show, so far, and what should consumers know about the industry is we start a new year? I. With moving.

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