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Household supplies have a new place to turn. The county has put in a new WiFi hot spot at the Loudon Valley Community Center in Purcellville that's accessible from the parking lot. It is free to use. There is no password Last year, the county boosted WiFi signals at seven. County libraries to allow access from parking lots. A similar project is underway at the love. It's Phil Community Center. Some news out of Maryland tonight. Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Prez says he's taking a look at running for Maryland governor next year. He made the comment on the Bill Press Pod when asked what his future plans are now that he's no longer in the role. Red says. I live here in Maryland. I've served in state government under Martin O'Malley. I was a local elected official where I lived in Montgomery County. I love the great state of Maryland. Perez is telling the host Podcaster Bill Press, who is also a columnist for the Hill, Looking at things. Perhaps we have an open governor's seat next year, and our current incumbent is term limited. So I'm taking a look and we'll see what happens. Former DNC chair Tom Perez may be running for governor in Maryland. Still ahead here in money news, the FDA says. You need to watch out for certain hand sanitizers that come in from another country. A 24 stay with here's Dr Marie Harper, the dean of a Dr Wallace E. Boston School of Business at American Military University, on leading forward the link between higher education and our future government work force sponsored by American Military University, this new norm as an opportunity to assist businesses with what they need to do in order to meet the challenges. Hopefully, opportunities of this new norm and we looked at our program kept some of the basics but added some what we consider new skills that would assist these businesses. And our approach is to have the degree programs which are the traditional way of doing education, but also offering the short term certificates that may help them with skills that are necessary for businesses to rebuild. During this interim economy, Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network Search. Am you from the battlefield to Boardroom American Military university educates. Those who serve the amuse affordable attracts top faculty and fits your career goals. Push your mind it am you online dot com Money news 25 55 Larry Costea. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Rock bottom mortgage rates continue to fuel booming housing market prices in November. We're up more than 9% from a year earlier, according to S and P That's the biggest annual jump since 2014. The FDA is raising a red flag on hand sanitizers imported from Mexico. It is found that a high number labeled to contain ethanol tested positive for methanol. It can be toxic when ingested or absorbed through the skin. Stocks drifted lower. His investors braced for a barrage of technology earnings This week. Microsoft beat expectations after the Bell Apple, Facebook and Tesla will report in the coming days that have Jones industrial Average fell. 23, the S and P. Lost six, the NASDAQ dropped 10. President Biden signing of an executive order to curtail the federal government's use of private prisons and prison stocks. Tumbling Geo Group dropped nearly 8% core Civic fell almost 6% from the Bloomberg newsroom I'm Larry Kaskey. On w T o P Tokyo Stocks Up about half a percent. Australia Down half A percent in South Korea is up nearly 1% tonight. Still ahead here on W T o P. The president is announcing an order of 200 million more vaccine doses, But when will they get here? Stay with us, say 26 2020 was.

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