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A time. And then I ended up some of that. Mike, Why don't you do a kiosk? They said, how do you spell that? And I did, but I couldn't do it because you're you're interacting with people at the kiosk, and I was only there one day and this guy Sky that helping toe come up and he bought a pillow. And you said You have a business card. He said. Yeah, I said all week. I'm all out and I wrote my name and number on a piece of paper and I brought money for Christmas presents that year for the kids were completely broke, then. And in this guy called me in January, Like the divine appointment he called up. So using kind of invented this pillow here in Minnesota said Yeah, he says would change my life. But you live from the Minneapolis home and garden show. Would you like a spot in there? And he put me into that show. I got into that show and I put a table between me and the people so I could actually talk to them without them without feeling, you know, they came up in the actually had an agenda then. And and people that bought that first day came back the next day and said, how this pillow had changed their life on my pillow and change your life that made me feel good inside and gave me himself worth. It wasn't about the money I loved helping people and And that that was the start of my pillow. I guess what I one of the issues that comes up from time to time is whether or not we should compel people to go into treatment at some point, because it's always seemed to me to be, you know fairly well. It's almost bizarre. If I had to explain to an alien who came to the planet said you, I see all these people living on the streets why they're there, and I'd say most of them. Almost all of them are there because of addiction. Oh, do you offer treatment? Yes. What if the person says no? Well, we let them stay addicted. I'm talking to my clindell. His book is called from crack addict to CEO. What are the odds? Mike Lyndall, the CEO of my pillow in Mike. I've made it a rule that I always tell people if I have a dog in the fight, so I sleep on my pillows. I bought my pillows. I've done ads for my pillows. I consider you a good friend of the show. But you know, all that aside, I would tell you the truth. I really admire this because I think Had shared with you before my dad was an alcoholic, and he was a functioning.

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