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Pike slows at Newton Corner is heavy past the old Austin told onto 90 westbound, heavy from route 1 90 through western down past Route nine. David said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes. We're checking with Brian Thompson now AccuWeather four day of forecast and we are looking at the heavy rains. It's here. Uh, but more and more heavy rain will be moving in. Much more overnight. Yes, Ben, We're going to be watching this throughout the night. This is just kind of the beginning. We're seeing a fairly steady rain across much of the area. Now, the rain's picking up a little bit insensitive between Quincy in Boston back to Brookline, Framingham. Seeing the rain pick up a little bit. This is moving from south to North. So again, we'll have some spotty downpours into the early this evening. So through the evening commute, there will be some ponding on roadways. But we are looking at that heavier rain coming in later this evening. That's when we'll see widespread heavy rain, widespread flooding with 2 to 4 inches of rain expected locally up to six inches or more in some spots, and we'll see a gusty wind developed through the overnight hours as well. We also are gonna have to watch for the potential for severe weather along the Gulf, the South Coast, Cape and islands. That's where we'll be watching for some thunderstorms. We continue to watch this very potent thunderstorm. Southwestern Nantucket. That's moving toward dance a close eye on that that has likely been producing some water spouts in the last hour or two. We'll see a link a little lingering rain into March into tomorrow morning, but things will be improving. We should see some sun by tomorrow afternoon High 71 son mixes with clouds Friday. Maybe an afternoon shower. I 70 and then partly Sunday Saturday, I 77 I'm accurate. The meteorologist Brian tops the WBZ. Boston radio is 68 degrees right now in Boston. Day after Cam Newton's released from the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, speaking with reporters today, WC TV's Nick Giovanni has more on what the coach sad to say. Bill Belichick, declining to delve into the decision making process..

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