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As harry said like a half dozen other centres including rob portman including dean heller in nevada um maybe us coming out against it and kind of they help alliance that noone kind of firmly came out against it and so i wonder if mcconnell is telling dean heller who's the one who came out very vehemently against the bill the particular the medicaid provision to reporting to people in nevada which haven't changed very much um and said you know what dean just give me a shot here let's see what happens because if you kind of announce your opposition to the motion to proceed right now you can do whatever you want one actually comes to a but if you're not your opposition then that's going to kill the bill right now we have three hardnosed there's no way to recover from that and so mcconnell economists said give me a week to figure something out maybe we can get randers susan of trying to imagine mitch and also pledge at all the better metaphor for the is it's that you cop getting nightcap yeah he's like watch movie better metaphor for that is any metaphor anything at all moshe to proceed and chill susan collins is like now i know so john mccain he had surgery over the weekend i'm well wish him well he's going to be out for a week mcconnell has soared any longer von goethe while they sat mcconnell said he's going to delay the vote pentagon forward with would mccain's absence actually have matter at all i would've apps year they don't have the right on of the vote they don't know they they need without him with baid they need at least fifty boats without him they only have forty nine the fact is that he just didn't have the votes and if i were mcconnell the long of this kind of stretches out the more healthcare becomes part of the news the more negative press the more constituents get angry and quality offices and so on siloy came wasn't particularly voluble about this bill before all of this right now he was kinda like.

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