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Felix Vega is back and James Berland er on the board, Felix. Nice to have you back, you know? Last night by myself, Even I was tired of hearing my own voice By the end of the show. I bad just just just enough. And I actually saw Morgan today. Oh, you did. Not in person because I also found out that a second friend of hers has has come down with the corona virus. But way we we recorded a segment for daytime TV news Channel eight, which will be You could see a Friday at 10 a.m. So that's how I get to see morning when we do when we do data. Is she doing? Well? It seems like it. I don't know. I text her yesterday. She never text me back, and then I see her on daytime, and I call her out about it with, you know, Cindy and Danny right there, and so me and her get into and then we have to record the segment. So, so nothing. Basically nothing's changed. Coming up on the show this evening. Hillsborough County schools will require face masks when they reopened were to tell you about that decision in a bit. Also the president of the Federation of American Science This Dr Ali Nori is going to join me to help break down the latest Corona virus data, and he'll explain what it all means and the tragic story of murdered Army specialist Vanessa Again. Felix took an in depth look at that, and he'll run through the case for us. So all of that more on the way our top story this evening, the latest on the Corona virus outbreak in Florida and Tampa Bay. Today's numbers. I'll run through them for your real quick over 7300 cases. That is up from last Tuesday. The headline from Today's numbers. Was the percent positive rate again. This is something I've been telling you to keep a close eye on. We set a brand new record here in the state of Florida and not a good one. It went up to 16.27%. That's the highest that we've seen so far during this corona virus pandemic. Also, the median age of positive cases has gone up now. 2 40 that tends to fluctuate day to day. But it does show you that what started out as an outbreak primarily among younger people in the state is now starting to reach that second level of transmission where older, potentially more at risk. Adults are getting it 63 deaths. That's up from 58 last Tuesday. Overall, I believe week to week the death toll has gone up about 19. Percent and look It's very difficulty to plot out what deaths are going to look like over the course of the next couple of weeks, even with this increase in cases because there's a lot of different factors at play, you do still have the majority of individuals getting infected here in the state of Florida being younger, so, although they might need Hospitalisation. We are seeing that they might also be able to survive. I think health care professionals have a little bit of a better handle on how to deal with Corona virus patients. And then now we do have some therapeutics in the mix like rim disappear and one or two others that you know, in certain instances might help so we might not see the debt told go to the extent that we saw in New York, New Jersey Those kinds of states which we just don't know. In terms of hospitalizations 381 new hospitalizations across the state that is the second highest increase since the start. Of the pandemic. And while we're on the topic of hospitalizations I thought this was uninterested Piece of information by Georgia Roman over at Bay News 91 week ago, 308 Covert. 19 patients were in hospital beds in Pinellas County and 75 were in the I C U According to Pinellas County Corona Virus, Dashboard and not every county provides this kind of hospitalization, and I see you information the state of Florida the governor, his administration said. They were going to start providing it for the entire state, but they never did. And the governor declined to explain why today so you know, we're running blind in certain parts of the state here, but according to Pinellas County Corona Virus, Dashboard as of 10 a.m. yesterday, There were 415 covert 19 patients in the hospital and 111 of them are in the I. C u so you could see. Within one week we went from 308. Over 19 patients in Pinellas County to 415 and the patients went from 75 to 111. So that's look Something about a significant increase year And then if you take a look at South Florida for a second There is now 175 patients on ventilators in Miami Dade. That number is more than doubled since June 27th. And yesterday was an all time high for Miami Dade Fire rescue attending to suspected Cove in 19 calls. So again. Nothing is heading in the right direction. Jackson Health We learned this today to down in South Florida. They actually requested 100 nurses last night. As Corona virus patients just began to take over their hospitals and what that does When you've got this influx of patients, it puts pressure on the staff. And so the governor agreed last night to send them 100 people and 75% of the nurses are going to be. I see you ready so you could see where This is headed. You could see the pressure that is already being applied. Tio our healthcare system here in the state of Florida, and, you know, there's always so much talk about the case Fatality rate, or, you know the small percentage of people who experienced the most severe symptoms when it comes to Corona virus, But here's the thing..

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