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Obviously, it's ransomware, which means they are demanding money in order to give you access again to the computer systems for the city. I'm assuming the response to the money is no, I don't know what the city has been typically responded or if they have responded at all to the random request. A I do know that typically they tell you not to pay it because you don't always have a guarantee of getting your data back. But I don't know what the city typically how there hasn't done with regards to the ransom. Why don't you get more updates on this? I hope you keep us in mind. So we can put out the information out there. I know we have a lot of listeners in the area. So they're waiting to figure out what this all means for them. Again, we've been talking with some mayor Christie Melchiot mayor Mel thank you so much for coming on. Really? Appreciate it. Thank you. Jason. You're listening to the Jason Rancho tend to find out. What else is trending what's trending at home? So Washington is in a ton of debt. We've got a ton of debt which is odd because we keep bringing in record revenues into the state of Washington, thanks to the enormous tax burden that all of us are hit with. Whether we're talking about taxes from home ownership or cars, or whatever we are putting more and more money into the state coffers. And yet we've got little to show for it. And it shows you just how incompetent governor Jay Inslee is. The state treasurer's office put out a debt affordability study. And they said we're six in the nation for per capita state debt, that's insane. And when you look at the numbers, it's it's frankly, it's depressing. The general obligation debt is over twenty billion dollars. The unfunded pension liability is near twelve billion dollars to school bond guarantee fund is quote, unquote, outside of the debt limit calculations. That's not good. Dwayne Davidson is the treasurer of the state of Washington. He was on our sister stations Dori Monson, Sean car radio to say, yeah, we're just we're burdened with a ton of data critically high number right.

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