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Great data because you have what you made the prediction and then immediately you're going to get at some point in the future the actual results so this trains these models right and this training what you're talking about is happening at the city data center there there are some interesting consequences guy so the muddle for university and middle field is entirely different than the model for university and hamilton and you can interchange them but when you say different top logically different what do you mean it just turn out to be one that the muddle is it self it's online doing right online training of course it'll be different because they're in different they're in different situations right there in different geographies with different types of different types of apology of the roads and all the rest of that that's what you mean then right exactly yeah of course yeah so and this is what you were saying earlier which is interesting is that in our definition here on the show a digital twin consists of the original data and the model in this case the models the cnn the convoluted neural network the regional data you may may not keep that it sounds like you do not even keep you know keep it which is which is cool but you're going to keep some data because that's going to be the output that you then have to send up to his sure to allow an api from an uber let's say for example to access it correctly so then there's that so the data that you are transferring is going to be those v there's going to be the i guess the fifty the fifty i don't know if it's the whole fifty s right right so you have two thousand fifteen so instead of having to send that whole thousand you're you're you're reducing something down that fifty cent ed up to the cloud that then can be then grabbed their hit on like you were saying by api from whomever zedek is that accurate yeah the the key point is in doing this you gotta dead reduction of yeah through three hours of magnitude really affordable and and you've semantically enriched it in whatever way you want right.

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