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Like what, how we get an offer sheet and the gap is eighty three next year and somebody offers them sixteen point six, I think they know exactly what they'd have to do in that situation. They'll they'll, no, they'll match that. But I think they have an idea of what their roster will look like. I remember one GM a couple years ago told me and he had a big player. He goes, I don't think there's going to be any offer sheets. Nobody does this. But just in case he said we have a big board in our office of what our team looks like with this one guy making twenty percent. Okay. Let's revisit the conversation. We just had. Then if you're William knee Lander and you concern about being traded, would part of the conversation with Kyle Deuba spe-, well, what happens if Austin Matthews gets offer? She did at sixteen million and you need to scrub salary. I believe they would tell him that that's not gonna happen. I think than Leeson Matthews are going to make a deal. I do. I think it's gonna get done. But you know, at some point you have to say to someone. I don't control everything. I control what I control, and I wanna keep you here. Now if that happens, things are going to be different. All you can say is I'll make you a promise. They'll try to deal with you is fairly as possible, but my plan and I do believe this is the plan is to keep all those guys were deeper to the podcast. We haven't mentioned where the headline stories of the week and that is the Matheson suspension. The board slam on Pederson. Is divided hockey guys did the. The one guy you always there's one GM. He's really funny guy whenever something like this happen. No, it's not. I like playing this game. He just do it to me. He's I do. It's you all the time. I love playing this. All right. Whenever whenever something like this happens, he sends me a one word text, Canada. Are you saying this is Tuesday, Columbus, Minnesota. We're not talking about it. That's exactly what he's saying. He said it's take on Canada, Saturday night, Canada, but probably is no question about it. Like, you know, one of the most rabid fan bases in this country Vancouver and you know, hey, they love their knocks or they love talking about their knocks. And I do like the fact that they drive our numbers when that team is good. Our numbers are really good because BC is passionate about the conches. But when I followed up, he said exactly what you said. If this wasn't a young star player in the Vancouver Canucks this is not lunacy. So then the pen door's boxes been opened because we see board slams all the time. All the time. Well. Happens. Hey, thanks for giving us a free intermission. I thought the explanation of suspension. I think it was really good. Like, you know, I showed on the blog, Brad Malone on Sam gonyea and Ghani was hurt when he played for Philly, three years ago and Nick on Monday nights game, did the regional between the kings and the leaves, and he showed William Carey Brooks or pick and in or pit got hurt Ghani by the way, missed a couple of months vite. The one thing that they said was it wasn't all in one motion. If you watch Malone on gonyea, he hits them and takes them down. If you watch or pick and carry a carry, a hits them an or because hurt this is a pin and a hit, and then a lift and a throw down. And so if we're going to parse this, that's what we're going to be parsing. Now, I know there are people they go bananas when the weight thing is brought up. They say, it's not fair. You know the wage shouldn't matter. I think it does matter because this play play doesn't happen the way..

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