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Million use of force is typically always gonna be involved with an arrest it's you're typically not gonna have a use of force in the net and unrest not accompanying that is my point so you look at the rest ten plus million one thousand and four of those guys last year resulted in the fatal police action shooting of the one thousand and four the question then becomes because this is is a very important topic how many of those folks were on armed right and we've seen that with hands up don't shoot different specific Goetz's incidents throughout the country what this scientific study found is that of the of the one thousand four police action shootings nine involved on armed African American males nineteen involved white males and fourteen involved Hispanic Latino in other races okay and so what that means it doesn't diminish did the topic it doesn't diminish the question the concern but what that means is now you're down to nine related to on armed males being shot within the African American community out of the one thousand four out of the ten point five million what that means is that out of ten plus million arrest point zero one percent resulted in a fatal police action shooting one one hundredth of a percent and then out of that to you drill down into the numbers and you get you get to the to the and then there are the tragedy is that over the past days with the riots you've seen those numbers in the teens and.

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