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Sports radio ninety four what i'm about to talk to you about that mamie extremely happy over the weekend if i lived in a ninety this will never change it hasn't changed since i was eighteen i shouldn't say that because one year eighteen year in the throes of everything here's what happened one of my best friends in the world his brother who i'm also very good friends with his brother rented a place around the corner from me and see how and i mean like a four block walk and because they were renting it off a friend most reynolds in seattle city most reynolds everywhere down to jersey shore are saturday the saturday which i always still stupid i always thought it should be sunday to sunday but it saturday saturday except they got there's on friday well my body calls me and says hey my brother's got a place where it around the corner we're coming down so make sure you drop by and here it is friday and i'm thinking only just checked in you know i'll i'll go see them on saturday but he called me should come on come on over what are you doing and i go over there just not my body but my other best party who's married to my buddy sister all get so complicated they're there too long story short me and my wife spent friday night saturday night and sunday night there and when i say friday saturday sunday night i would say like from eight nine o'clock to one o'clock two o'clock in the morning all three nights and i would beat air tonight if they were you know while now tonight i'm on the air but or narrowly on sunday nights down.

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