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John wick per show and the Johns with us this morning as always on Friday morning give us a little preview was gonna talk about good morning John good morning Steve I figured I'd also call in since I knew you were you know on your own this morning I figured I could bail out the show since you didn't have your helper this morning okay go ahead nothing usually I figure you were up for a little verbal banter but wow you just let that one go one I didn't I didn't understand are you try are you trying to insult me is that it okay all right well that we'll fail the it's pretty hard to do I've really John yeah I've been asked is for five decades people have called me everything you can think of they've insulted me in every way you can think of that and I've been a politician I've been told that allow you go you have and for you it's yeah for you it's deserved for me it's not enough there you are well right now I feel warm but let's talk about something really interesting about de funding the police you're talking about that Sunday night we are so yes we are of course and I mean this is just the most asinine knew that if it seems like every week or to the left is come up with some new crazy way to try and bring down our economy and and and re shape but you know as as president Obama said you know to re rebuild and reform our country this is yeah the new version I I don't get this it's you know I I'm still the chair of the kids commission on peace officer standards and training so I've spent the last six years working with law enforcement and working with law enforcement training and yes we all know that there are a few bad apples but by and large law enforcement our dedicated public servants should do everything they can most of them are underpaid and overworked and this is not the way to go and and I think if you try the radical ideas like de funding law enforcement at me what what what are people going to do it how do you how do you plan to keep your community safe when you decline the police is just another crazy idea that come out of the laptop back not the solution yeah we'll talk about that they're trying to redirect funds or something which is okay fine but you have to add baby at the Kansas law enforcement training center a good friend of mine we talk to breed interviewed time and again over the years about the training that the police officers are of on Forsman officers in Kansas go through and it seems to be it's pretty good it did but the bottom line is a lot of times that officers out there got to make a life and death decision in about of half a second so isn't like like hitting a fastball or something I gotta I gotta make a quick decision so it's not exactly you know it's it's it's a it's a tough tough thing in the lives are on the line when they go out there exactly and they're human and again granted what happened with George Floyd is that is a terrible situation and those officers right former officers rightfully so will be prosecuted hopefully the justice system will prevail but you you can't the funding and you know there are those that want to maybe re allocate certain funds I get that but there are also those that just want to find out get rid of the police and go to community policing or just go to a system I saw one political commentator recently on M. S. B. and C. T. V. and they pull out said that we're just going to get rid of the complete police completely and we're gonna allow the community to please ourselves because we trust each other yeah that's right do you know why don't know that well that's a little naive if you've that that's really die you but you know that they they I saws are heard something the other day and on the network of talking about targeting with these a special teams that have like a social work in a in a law enforcement and a medical and return them or are you doing and Wichita we've got the special programs in certain situations that go out almost famous many experts that are work yet that's the way to go and and Wichita there's another great job of having community policing where they're actively involved in out in the community and I think that's the way to go there are innovative techniques that are being used and ways to be involved that's the way you do it you don't just throw out the the pied because you've got a few bad elements in it you've got to just fix the pie and that's the way to go let's see how about that maybe we're doing this already but I'm thinking that to yourself do you find the police is just a very short slogan bumper sticker type thing that that's one size fits all and it's it's it's not smart and you people just we've got to think through these problems and get the right people in to talk about it and yet yes I think so yeah exactly you know there's another element to a lot of this and that is that for a lot of these folks this isn't necessarily even about the police a lot of for a lot of these people this is about Donald trump and anything that they can do to bring down this presidency they will take the opportunity to do so there's a recent poll that just came out where fifty to sixty it was sixty percent of registered voters believe Republican voters believe that the media the mainstream media would rather for example would rather that the corona virus and the shutdown continued through the election if it meant the trump lost and even forty percent of liberals and Democrats believe that and so there is a push I think by some to use whatever they can to bring down the president regardless if it brings him down that's what they care about so there's an underlying element there too and unfortunately we become so politicized that a lot of things have to be kept in mind that every element involved for some people that's what they care about regardless and they'll sacrifice whatever they have to sacrifice to get their goal just a just a few weeks away from having a primary election here in Kansas and we've got the other lectures that can heat up some of these are candidates are starting to to advertise why the other guy's worse than emperor whatever else up the fifty campaign it is here yeah absolutely we just had Kansans for life just rolled out their of their national election endorsements they've been reenable rolling out for the congressional races and what not ruse and Jeb bush just endorsed Amanda Adkins doctor call your just endorsed Tracy man for example as a matter of fact I will be out Dodge city not this Saturday but next Saturday for a congressional debate and a forum with the U. S. Senate candidate K. N. S. S..

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