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Travis Kelsey, Jason Calyces discussed on Dale and Keefe


To ask the question what's Travis Kelsey's promo better than Jason calyces problem now this has to be mentioned whenever you go out and do something that somebody's already done you already have to live up to a high expectation for instance when I was going out to give the draft pick we all knew what was going to happen but there was other people that had cut promos in their draft picks before me right there's the David Akers is the Reggie Wayne did a little bit there was years past people do this type of thing so it's always hard to live up to the hype if you had the bat or vote who had a better problem all Travis or James now granted Travis took a shot at somebody Travis had both the ric flair wooo a stone cold Steve Austin he had everything in his speech as well had a lot of energy was obviously at the same level of intoxication as his brother who are you voting was better Nick brought all go to you first I'm gonna vote Jason and solely because I would expect this from Travis a week Norman's personalities loud he's outgoing I didn't know Jason kelp on off to expect that from okay Todd it's got to be chasing calcium all shooting an absolute rocket launcher at Mike Lombardi and then naming all fifty three guys you can't beat that Zito Cuban Z. I'm gonna go Jason for the office okay I do think that is something that needs to be taken into account fox also Jason because the outfit okay and jumpy Jason because he said fourth and day out and double down you heard that it was wrong it was like no I would like to give credit to Travis Kelsey though because he stepped in to a terrible terrible situation having to live up to what his father did a couple years ago when nobody had done what chasing tells it done so he was a trailblazer this is the first time something like this really was able to captivate the internet so Travis Kelsey was walking into a buzz saw regardless and by the way to be that intoxicated in that situation I think Travis did a hell of a job on to any drop the mother in the middle of a Kansas city Missouri which also happen to have a high speed chase happened at the beginning all that Fareed started that project with a high speed chase like strategy today and it ended with Travis Kelsey dropping an MFA on every single news station in the surrounding area I think that was one of the best parades and history of Super Bowl we gotta get to break thirty five minutes after the hour on the other side we get back and we'll take some phone calls that Jacob branded mate Timothy that's a hell of a professional name their Timothy will talk to you first wrap up our two one is beautiful February sixth I'm happy for Travis Kelce yes on the easy thing to do man that's not an easy thing to that I just got this does go to hype up in time city just like his brother did two years ago I remember that legendary speech you gave his brothers to do the same that's a lot of pressure on a drunk guy yeah whoever has to call the colts pick for this next draft top spot what a rank at hand back up the fact that.

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Travis Kelsey, Jason Calyces discussed on Dale and Keefe

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