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Anyway. Comics, bringing us closer. Little street. Check. Jeff Kleber we Dow is up 102 points the S and P 500 index is up. 12. The mass decks up a half percent money news in 10 minutes on double d t o P sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River. Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. What's going on George Wallace well marked the Cleveland Browns have some covert issues. Browns coach Kevin Stefanski among five positive test for the Browns. So he will not coach this weekend and the Browns first playoff game in 18 years. Mike pray for the special teams coach will serve as the acting head coach on Sunday night against Pittsburgh to other coaches and two players among MI five as Cleveland, shutting down their practice facility today, Washington Live a slight walk through today, then get practicing tomorrow to get ready for Tampa. On Saturday Ron Rivera hinting it possibly using both quarterbacks this weekend against Tampa Bang Alex Smith Taylor. Hi, Nikki will see how Alex Smith's Caff has responded throughout the week as they get set to go on Saturday night. Tampa to an 8.5 point favorite on Saturday as quarterback position. Biggest question, Mark right now, I think this week for Ron Rivera and Washington but we'll find out George Wallace, Toby Toby Sports All right. Thank you, George. Traffic and weather next 12 17. Wake up with w T o P NEWS on Alexa. Just say Alexa set an alarm for 7 a.m. to w t o p w.

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