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That's command LV Fresno area office, captain Eric Walker. The bottom line is wetter the distraction. It's not worth it. But the cell phone down and don't be distracted while you're driving. We need to keep both hands on the wheel. Both eyes on the road in most importantly, our minds focused on one thing are driving. I I'm offended using the phone behind the wheel could face a one hundred sixty two dollar fine dominant. Mcandrew came J news, California places at the top of the list of states putting in claims for dog related injuries. That's according to state farm insurance the group's aback sarcasm. Warns just because you've had a positive interaction with dog before doesn't mean it's guaranteed to happen that way again, so remain alert to the risks and dogs, even those you think you may know, they were four hundred nine claims reported to state farm insurance in two thousand eighteen here in California, Illinois was next in claims followed by Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Valley Democrats and Republicans stand together on a proposed water issue. KM J director, Don York has more in a letter signed by valley congressional members including Jim Kosta, Devin newness, TJ Cox and Kevin McCarthy, they want the EPA too closely locate a controversial bay delta water plan that plan is being made it to the by the state water resources control board. They congressional letter is focused on making sure the state is using sound signs in its decision-making. According to the Modesto bee other members who signed the letter are concerned about how such an important issue can be condensed to a two page summary by the state for federal approval north valley or Gatien districts are being targeted to give up forty percent of current river flows. During certain times of the year for environmental uses under the state plan done your KPMG news over to Wall Street. The Dow is down one hundred twenty three points at twenty six three zero one it's eleven.

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