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But you know we're here. Yes good morning. Wednesday hump day. Good morning to you and yours. Yes indeed what's happening. How you're feeling today phillip. Pretty good and yourself Blessed black and highly favored. You know me just happy to be hit. You know wearing the same hoodie. That i had on monday because i liked it and Our cameraman wasn't him monday. And you know how it goes if you don't get it for you know what i'm saying it again on video. It never happened but did you wash it or did you just put it right back. Oh definitely didn't watch it. I didn't do anything to work up any type of sweat i was. I told my wife last night. I said yo win. Smells go in the shower and you know what i'm saying. You wash like wedding. Smells go. You wash it off. That's what you so bad. But where do they go to serve into the atmosphere. Like where do they go to. They go down the drain. Like where does this smell. I don't know who's worse. You will not three-year-old with these type of questions. You what other questions do you have three. And i'm glad that you said that. Thank you have the greatest compliment you could ever give me. Because i always say you never wanna lose your child like wonder your child like curiosity. That's what's wrong with everything. Coach life like a child with homemade god. I have no idea as great. I thought that's another phenomenal question. I just know that god exists. I know 'cause i look around simple. That is no that's All right every time. She has a question. I write it down. And i ask you make sure you guys on the same level right. Make if you're thinking like a three year old if you waking up everyday thinking like a three year old and you really live life the way it's supposed to be lift back all right well anyway. Well I was telling you behind the scenes. Just just be extra extra careful i. I was saying that my son plays basketball. Which is crazy. And i'm kind of grateful thankful that he didn't go to basketball last week or so because i believe like seven kids on a team. A couple of kids on the team got cova. Wait a minute now. I agree with you but don't be too thankful yet. You came from florida and tell you that the super bowl right. I mean chastising kid playing. I mean there's nothing that they can do. it happens. They playing basketball. I mean they take every precaution. They get tested every day. There's no people in the stands. The referees can't touch the basketball. You know what i mean. So they gotta do a coin flip. This is high school basketball. You know what i mean so it just happened that you know one kid got it and pass it on everybody else now. I would say. I would much rather catch it in that setting and about that catching it. I don't want to catch it all. But i'm saying if i caught it you know doing something that Genuinely means something to me. Like if i was at work are playing basketball even at school that that would make more sense but if i got it because i wasn't club you know what i'm saying i wasn't a comedy show are the game with. I'd be like men. I didn't have to be there. But i was working. I mean nobody has to be anywhere but you just can't home and be at home. There's people who have been at home if not left the house. That's not true. Not true people do have to be places we have to be. I work. I gotta be here he right dramas boy plenty of people that have listening right now. Have to be places. Don't say we don't have to be anywhere that's not. I mean the size at work. You know there's a lot of things that are extra curricular activities like you don't have to go to the supermarket. You could order your groceries if he's nope supermarket is not extracurricular activity that's essential areas. Some people have to go to the doctor. My parents have to go to the doctor. Doctors appointments so people have to. The fishers is what i'm saying. Playing basketball isn't necessary extracurricular activity. That's what i'm saying. Yes i would rather catch it in that setting an extracurricular activity something that i actually love. And for you know. Logan something that could benefit is huge. Because he could scholarships and he still in school already got a couple of office will for schools to play ball so that makes my life a lot easier but anyway choson schools aren't even open right now and they're trying to figure that out and schools essential right certain places I think in new york. I'm not show up. Schools are open backup yet. But you certainly. My wife didn't want him to play any sports. Like my wife does not need the house. He's extra extra triple mask. Sit around people that have been doing virtual training and things like that so they don't have to be in person also. Yeah he has to do virtual he does virtual school and all that stuff. But you know when you go. He had to play a game. When you go to play a game is what it is but let's infect people with good radio this morning. Let's call us right. This breakfast club virus. Let's get to show cracking front. Page news coming up what we talking about. Well let's talk about this impeachment trial that started yesterday for donald trump. He was not happy with his attorneys. Performance will tell you why all right. We'll get into that next the breakfast club. Good morning where we start. Well let's start with the impeachment trial. Today's the second day yesterday was the beginning of that. Six republicans voted with democrats to advance the trial and You know trump's lawyers did not do so great on that first day as a matter of fact they are saying that donald trump was not happy with his lawyers at all. And i wanna talk about that because You know one of the things that trump's lawyers was saying is that they had to change their plan because the presentation was so good on the side of The prosecutors house managers who spoke earlier were brilliant speakers. Quite frankly you. We changed what we were going to do on account that we thought that the house managers presentation was well done. What do you mean presentation was so well done. It's donald trump. Whatever they say he did he did it. he's guilty. We watched him for voyeurs commit crime after crime after crime. Of course their presentation is good. All you gotta do is tell the truth. The thing is that they do have the truth on their side and what actually happened. I mean they actually played the capital. Riots they just see yesterday the presentation getting good. I ain't gonna front like they would go to his speech and then they would show the people attacking the cat and the cabinet. They will go back to a speech and it was his tweet like it. It was it was a great day. All they have to do is tell the truth. It's donald trump. He's given us four years of crime after crime and crime. Whatever crime you want whether it's unethical no morals illegal. He's done it all he's got now. Whoever did get a lifetime. The weighty put them things like other. It was perfect bios. Donald trump story leg that donald trump is way bigger than lifetime. We're talking about is blockbuster. Don't do that. But it was dope. They the way they put. That together was amazing president. Come on some more. Here's some more of what Down attorney bruce. Cast junior had to say about this. Basically help their argument. Also and here's what he said. The american people just spoke and they just changed administration's the people are smart enough in the light most favorable to them. They're smart enough to pick a new administration if they don't like the old one and they just did in other words the whole reason that donald trump was saying all these things about the election was stolen from him. His lawyer just said it wasn't and did pick a new administration and the people picked so that just defeats all of donald trump was saying about the election being stolen so that really helps out as far as him being impeached. No idea what the hell is happening right now. Just i'm not holding my own in my breakfast. Anything to happen. Because democrat democrats. Lack courage Government lacks courage. And even though i absolutely believe it needs to be consequences and repercussions of what happened on january six. I don't think anything come. I feel like republicans lack courage because if they're not gonna side on what's right and that think about their political affiliations. That would take some courage to say okay. We need to impeach him because he's committed crime modi to actually takes courage to stand on the s. Say you know what choosing party over. We choose country when they're certain republicans who are planning to run for president and they're scared to cross party lines because they don't feel like people will both of them and they said some of those people who we already know are planning to run in two thousand twenty four are.

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