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Conceivably could build around but it's amazing how everybody just wants to to rip jitter at itami possibly can now with that being said the yankees dandy giancarlo stand but it fell right into their lap so then for brian cashman to pair off the thirteen million dollar salary of chase headley pair brian mitchell with them out to san diego you bring back in outfielder that for all intents and purposes i will probably be playing the over in japan next year um adding out like that and yes the yankees are in the market for another starting pitcher and see sabbatical conceivably could be that option but whether it be michael former weatherbys act ranki weather um you know those urges the geir coal from the pittsburgh pirates and other name and we'll see exactly what starter ends up being part of this rotation in two thousand eighteen but the 80s for all intents and purposes are back i mean are absolutely back in any get to the maths who if you're met fenye ever reasonably bother now you have every reason to be bothers you watch the enke's do what they do now listen i though the mets don't compete with the yankees i get that i understand uh ones in the nationally the other ones in the american league all well and good however for the other sports fan in the city that is it a die hard fan of one or the other and you're competing for the baseball fans dollar in terms of interest general bars excited nature i mean it is a nineday difference about where bowl franchises all right now it really is the the met spent the week basically kicking the tires as we discuss joke in around about brandon nymo and giancarlo stan told me about the inferno of the.

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