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I'm John Coleman. These are the top stories. A partial government shutdown is now the longest in US history. But during a White House round table yesterday. President Trump said he doesn't plan to declare a state of emergency yet Moorhead from CBS news TSA workers going without pay here in Chicago, get some help the latest on the miraculous return of Jamie clause, a bad winter storm responsible for an airplane accident in Missouri. WBZ PM sports warriors wall. The bulls won Forty-six one oh nine bears hired Chuck Pagano to be their defensive coordinator SOX and cubs. Avoided arbitration with eleven players cloudy overnight, a little snow toward Donna low twenty six thirty degrees. Midway in the lakefront now CBS CBS news update its history. But not in a good way, the partial government. Shutdown that has left eight hundred thousand federal employees without salaries has now entered data twenty two making it the longest shutdown ever. It's all over the president wanted money to build a wall. We're not looking to do right now is national emergency. What we want to do the absolute right to do in many ways. It's easy way out, but this is up to congress, and it should be up to congress, and they should do it CBS news. Correspondent Paula Reed. Says house speaker Nancy Pelosi believes there are other ways he has made it clear that he will not sign onto anything that does not include funding for a border wall. He has said that he's opened to compromise. Compromising wants to come to the table. But what she is just proposed arguably making it easier and expediting people who are seeking asylum in the US. I cannot imagine that that is the carrot or stick. That would really move the president to agree to a compromise. CBS news update. I'm Matt piper. WBZ news time three thirty two TSA workers at Chicago's airports may get some help from the public. If an online fundraiser picks up steam after seeing a government contractors online plea for help during the shutdown Bill Natoli made a donation on go fund me, and then started wondering what about the TSA workers and coast guard members who also aren't getting paid realize. Well, I wouldn't know how to disseminate coast dollars. But. I could probably do it through their union germs. So the Downer's grove man has set up a gofundme campaign called dollars for Chicago TSA workers and has reached out to their union. The American federation government employees is steering people to file for unemployment. Instead, Matt mooch hausky says federal employees and the American public who rely on their resources need a budget passed. Nothing else will be remotely equivalent ANSI hardy, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. Authorities in northwestern Wisconsin say they're still trying to determine a link if there is one between a teen girl and the man police say kidnapped her and killed her parents three months ago for now thirteen year old Jamie clauses, recovering a day after she escaped from her kidnapper and was helped by a woman walking her maybe clause is now with her family, Barron county sheriff Chris FitzGerald, Jamie was reunited with her aunt at the hospital afternoon. She will be reunited later this evening with the rest of her family. She is doing as well as circumstances. Allow for eight days the thirteen year old was held captive by twenty one year old Jake Paterson in Boorda, Wisconsin about seventy miles north of Baronet. The sheriff said they recovered a shock from the home consistent with the one used at the scene to kill James Denise clause. Jamie's parents also investigators said once again, Jamie was the target and Patterson went to great lengths to not leave any evidence behind the include things like not leaving trace evidence by changing his physical appearance. Like shaving his head not hair behind Patterson will make his first court appearance on Monday at the barren County Circuit Court in Barron. Edgar Allan WCC. Oh, a huge winter storm that will eventually affect much of the nation is being blamed for a plane mishap in central Missouri at American Airlines regional jet with eighty passengers and crew on board slid off a snow and ice covered runway at the Columbia, Missouri regional airport. There were no injuries on the plane that had just landed from Dallas some fifty five million Americans are under winter storm warnings and watches from the southern plains east to North Carolina and Virginia parts of Missouri. And the West Virginia mountains could see a foot of snow or more. Jim chrysalis CBS news Florida's governor says the Broward County sheriff who handled the response to the mass shooting at Marjory stoneman Douglas high school last February repeatedly failed and demonstrated a pattern of poor leadership. The sheriff of Broward County is out at least for the moment. The announcement made by Florida's new governor Rhonda. Santa I have issued an executive order spending Scott Israel as the sheriff of Broward County sheriff's department has been under fire since last February following the mass killing at Marjory stoneman Douglas high school Israel says he will fight the tension. Vigorously fight this unjustified suspension. Israel says he is being singled out because he spoke out about gun violence. Steve Futterman, CBS news memorial outside the police department in Davis, California is getting bigger and bigger it pays tribute to rookie officer Natalie corona he was killed in the line of duty on Thursday KCBS TB reporter, Holly Kwan with more twenty two year old Natalie corona had just finished field training around Christmas. She was responding to what seemed like an ordinary three-car crash when she was shot and killed the gunman later found dead in a home a block away. Police say he shot himself, Amy whereas works as a Davis police photographer and felt like a proud mom the day, corona walk. Through the doors in full uniform shoes debuting, so we if the double the double pane of. You know, losing somebody that your family and then losing them at twenty two years old Holly Kwan for CBS news Davis, California, corona the second officer killed in California in the past two and a half weeks in downtown Aurora a brief but important memorial service was held yesterday. For three firefighters who died in the line of duty decades ago. Firefighter. Charles Hoffman and captains Herbert recent. John Peterson remembered every year at the site where they died eighty five years ago today, the site of a Woolworth store on Broadway in downtown ROY chief Gary credence is a terrible tragedy is terrible reality of firefighting. And we want to honor these men and their families. Throw it saves of those men say their family's never talked about what happened Claire Augustine's. Grandfather was John Peterson and says most of what she learned about the fire was at the Aurora fire museum. My grandmother kept a block of every article it was written. There's little notes and how they were informed. The site has been vacant since nineteen thirty four. But now a perk is being built there in Aurora Bernie to foia NewsRadio on one point nine FM teacher strike is planned for Los Angeles Monday after the teacher's union rejected a new offer from the nation's second largest school district after hours of talks yesterday. The union said the offer from the school district was woefully inadequate and disrespectful. So we declared. At an impasse. The district said the union rejected the offer without proposing a counter offer, and then refused to continue the talks the district superintendent is calling on.

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