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Governors and federal officials need a plan to share the limited supplies of ventilators and personal protective equipment for hospital staff we've got to figure out how to best allocate some of these limited resources and this overwhelming demand take Ileana WTOP news it's three oh five on your Wednesday morning Virginia hospital center receiving a sizable donation of surgical masks and gallons from Arlington based paramount university the school's department of nursing has donated five hundred fifty surgical masks one hundred ten isolation gal sixty full body suits and seven reusable goggles Virginia hospital center is currently accepting donations of goggles hand sanitizer face shield medical isolation gallons of bleach and bleach wipes but only an open boxes the hospital is also accepting donations of individually packaged food be a restaurants and catering companies Virginia hospital center says the public can help out as well by giving blood donations across the country they say have dropped significantly they say and you are not at risk they want to remind of contracting covert nineteen from donating blood WTLV at three oh six northern Virginia alone may need multiple field hospital sites to accommodate a big projected surge of hospitalizations over the next two months now WTOP has learned where those sites are planned national conference center in Loudon they don't expose center in Fairfax county and the George Mason University facility in the city of Fairfax since William county executive Chris Martino the second tier of US sites that includes the Hilton garden inn and the escrow Commons bigger hole at JMU at the science and technology campus and then additional facilities at the gym you campus in Fairfax all these would come after hospitals have added beds innings sting facilities and campuses what's not clear is how these would be staff or supplied since nationwide shortages remain and hospitals don't have extra technicians doctors or nurses the states considering using volunteers the National Guard or other solutions Max Smith WTOP news WTOP Wednesday morning at three oh seven they.

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