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Is and they'll also be and of course coming out as well which you can order so that's coming out on july thirteenth in. It's it's a far futures space opera kind of story about this kid who has inherited a mysterious artifact that he thinks musical instrument from his parents whom he never knew and when the guardian who's been raising him on this this out of the way planet is murdered. He sets off to find out the truth about this artifact and he falls in with the wondering Nomadic spacefaring family and they find out the truth about what this thing is. There are people who are after after this thing and therefore after him and after a girl from the family who becomes his friend. So that's Star song check it out. It's available for preorder now the other thing. Of course i want to mention get you up to date on is shapers of world's volume two. That's the second anthology kickstarted featuring authors. Who are guests on this. Podcast and shapers of worlds is out now available everywhere. If you'd like to get that one feature first year guests and shares of volume two is getting very close now. I only have two stories left to come in and one of them is one that i'm writing so i'm pretty sure i'll get that one and i'm sure i'll get the other one too. I've been in touch with the author and it's coming very soon. So that's twenty four new stories in that one Eighteen original stories six reprints and the authors are new fiction from kelley armstrong. Marie brennan helen. Dale candice john. Dorsey lisa foils susan. Forrest james alan gardner matthew hughes heli kennedy lisa kester april craft iranian garth. Nix tim pratt. Edwards salvio brian. Thomas schmidt jeremy shawl and me plus stories by jeffrey carver. Barbara hambly. nancy kress david. D levine sm sterling and kerry von so among those authors are winners and nominees for every major science fiction and fantasy literary award and several international. Bestseller's so i'm really looking forward to bringing that out. It's on track to be out this fall and again that will be from shadow popcrush shadow pop press dot com but it will be available everywhere that fine books are sold the other thing i need to mention off the top here is that This podcast is part of the saskatchewan. podcast network..

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