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The medical worker was basically charmed by i read it was cagey right so those are that that's like my my big thing was that the that those are like five vitamin for me but they were uh infrastructure related so what what are you have i have i have one more after that but i want your reaction 'cause they know you did a lot of work on that will basil lob the guy who the person who was a addicted to crack who they say burned down the atlanta bridge he was given a plea deal which we said this would happen right after the thing happened we both knew that guy was not responsible because the actual physical ability to burn that staff were eight years is this year you're not tossing a crack pipo they said he did on purpose but even then it was it was an inflammable other stuff that should not have burns really had to go bananas to get that thing to burn that in the witnesses were so oh yes credible and the witnesses were recycle there are witnesses to a previous laying on tv and make the stories didn't lineup it didn't win are professional witnesses when the mob like that yeah and they gave the guy they're they're given to a plea deal not even making him plead guilty all he has to do is go to a behavioral thing and he's free to go yeah this actually reminds me of something so in that case and also my opinion the kate stanley case uh that women who is supposedly shot on a pair of san francisco these people we both identified from minute wine as this being an obvious psychological operation and these guys wing obvious patsies don't really know what's going on but the dots did not can act and either of these cases and both of these guys did not get convicted of the crimes that the media absolutely convicted them operate for it right so the reaction that people had after that was well the.

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