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Today I'm here with Russ Hearts BP of corporate development and says and former VP of Corporate Development Sap Rusted Inexperience Corporate Development Professional was specific expertise in emanate strategic investments and post merger integration. Today we'RE GONNA learn how to build a successful corporate function from scratch. How Are you today Russ? How are you great? Let's kick things off with just a brief explanation on your role ances-. Sure sure so my role inches is very similar to my former role at sap I could boil it down to two essential functions. I is emanate strategy and deal sourcing so this requires me to work closely with the business leaders within the organization to map out an enemy strategy that is aligned with our overall corporate strategy. I, I also than source feels that support that strategy. So this is the part of my job. That involves identifying. With potential target companies that may be aligned with with our own limiting strategy. The other core function is managing the deal execution process. So this includes really all aspects of the deal from start to finish. Specifically, it is negotiating the high level terms of the deal, those that are typically way down in term she, managing the due diligence process, coordinating all of the internal and external subject matter experts, evaluating to diligence results and their implications for both the deal terms and the integration planning, negotiating the final terms of of the transaction, usually well reflected in the definitive purchase agreement. And then finally making sure that all aspects and all of the mechanics that are required between signing a transaction and actually closing the deal, get completed by the the target closing date. So, you find the deal and make sure nothing goes wrong. That's right. That's that's. That's perfect way to boil it down four. If there's something that goes wrong that we we don't do that deal which? Is You. Pick it up early again outright. t tell me a little bit about some of the best practices you learned to sap. Yeah. Great experience in sap, you dare. Working in corporate development focused on him in for twelve years so long run there I. Actually had a pretty solid base of experience knowledge around the execution when I joined sap, because I was an emanate attorney for about six years two large Philadelphia firm law firms before I joined us at PF. He was actually a client of one of the French. The I would that and I did some for some deal worked for sap so as Emanate Council..

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