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For your education experiences resorts has to hawker Joe Boylan Rutgers with a six point lead here on Maya weather doing it in a couple of different ways. They're doing a half court, and they're getting out on the break and the other five fast break, Iowa has none. They have six points five points off turnovers last by Arthur shows is. Majori ball in the middle of the kiss on the right wing on for three point shot. Look kind of gave me like a body fake. He was gonna pass the ball. And as soon as defenders step back just a little bit. Be just. Cast and got him on his back and just put the ball right in baskets, a terrific offensive finish. Bye. Ron continues to get better and better with age. Rutgers shooting six for twelve. Four three four six three for more from. The free throw line. Iowa four for nine one for four was five. Harper remains on the floor with kiss almo- Baker. In shack. Dourson is back. I o with the basketball. Rutgers by six McCaffrey out high fifty Garza right back to McCaffrey shot clock at fourteen McCaffrey dribbling himself. Indu properly finds Garza throw the right corner. Poeple Hanan to the left elbow for coke. The shot clock at six throwback, affable handed Bohannon releasing a three no good. May she daily with the offensive rebound? Ron Harper junior. Had the box out the ball bounced where Lena came right to daily. Another opportunity for the Hawkeyes. Bohannon early bigger at six seven. Daly has it and wiry to here's Hanan curling down the lane stopping shooting over shack. Missed the shot dourson back for the rebound. Eighteen twelve Rutgers leaves at Longleat pass Endo Murray catches under the basket tired. Spins uncooked, dropped the ball picks. It back up. I think he call timeout. He did very smart play by Eugene Rui rather than get tied up. He calls the timeout and Rutgers keeps possession with plenty of time on the shot clock to I'm a little worried about I thought he hurt his neither look like you went right down. He's limping a little bit. Yes. Yeah. That was that was the thing that wasn't so much that he dropped the ball as much as he might have twisted the knee a little bit. Richard Campbell will go for a take a look get a feel for what's up. Fortunate which became Van Dyke. They've got brake strength, greater trainers. Amazing job released liars. In shape and on the court. Great article by Keith sergeant yesterday or today about os two specifically what they have done America org. Does right. So you gene does sit down shack. Carter comes in. Rutgers with the ball twenty one of the shot clock. Teno sixth game clock. Eighteen twelve. Rutgers leads it. Operative throw it left side of the basket. Lugging finds harder wide open under the basket. He banks at home. I don't know how he got free from Garza. But it's more for Rutgers their largest lead now of eight twenty twelve I was wondering when he was thrown ball. I don't think he was surprised he was so wide open to Bohannon around the screen from cook pick up his dribble sling the pass out for Garza throws down to cook. Low left block defended thereby dourson turgid faces and they're trying to back his way shack it up. No space spins on him, and is able to spin around dourson. Good defense better offense, and it's twenty to fourteen I field goal and almost five minutes for Iowa. Dacre top of the key for Rutgers flip it right there. Harper quarter court on the far sideline gets a screen from dourson cook picks up. Switch picked up his dribble. Give it to Carter shack hand off to Baker geo stopping at the foul line. Little follow a jumper is. No good. Rebound on the right side by week camp. These can't top of the key met thereby Harper Harper. It's picked off by Garza. And then we can't miss the runner long. Rebound is going to be knocked around Garza had it but lost the stepped on the sideline and it will be Rutgers ball as Montezuma Mattis will replace Peter kiss. Rutgers doing a great job keeping the defensive pressure on enforcing Iowa into a long time on the shot clock and not getting any really free. Looks eight fifty six to play here in the first half Rutgers leading Iowa twenty two fourteen Baker around a screen from dourson give it to shack who throws it to the near sideline for Harper up. Top Baker catch quick release three off to the right? No, good, dourson, the offensive rebound. Get it to math is terrible for dourson missed that song. And then the ball out of bounds. Oh my goodness. Great pass by Mathis just. Kind of what's coming down a little bit. When he caught the ball the ball rolled off his finger. Yeah. That's a two. Ninety nine hundred one hundred times you're going to get twenty two fourteen. Rutgers eight a half to play player the first McCaffrey on the Hawkeye logo near midcourt now to his right back to his left driving and gets and fouled by dourson picks up his first foul, and that will put McCaffrey to the line shooting a pair. They actually called the foul Cardiff hitting him from behind before the swat by dourson. No question shack was gonna swat that. The driver, even after frustrated. No question about it by that messed up. But. Those things happen. Mccaffrey to the line left handed shot. I one no good. So he started one of two earlier MRs ear, and we bring that up because we were talking about his free-throw percentage almost eighty percent. So a one for three start for Connor McCaffrey. Here comes the second. Good for two again, Connor McCaffrey. Twenty two fifteen. Rutgers again, light pressure from Iowa back court Baker bounce passed a Harper backward. Baker. Get it to Harper who takes to the front court will drive right to the lane. Balas called went right by them. Ron Harper juniors got ten points in the first half giving Rutgers with justed spit gave Indiana in the first half earlier today. Attacking the basket and hitting threes about that game beating Michigan state twice in a row. So here's Harper looking to complete the three point play offer. Doing a great job is driving the ball to the basket makes the foul shot and Rutgers back in front by eight twenty three to fifty with eight ten to play here in the first eleven points for Ron Harper junior just beginning to see touch, the the potential this young man McCaffrey to the right elbow, pick up his dribble. Throw it out for moss on the far side guarded by Mathes up. Top for Reese can't Arthur on him nearside. Cooked now shot clock is at eight cook look to the right to McCaffrey McCaffrey will drive the runner is either batted away or comes up short Baker comes away with it Lee said to Matt this Moss's back Mathis goes, right? Adam and lays it up eight. Lead. Now the biggest of the day at ten twenty five fifteen seven thirty four to play here on the first and Rutgers beating with their own game. We camp to the foul line turning spitting right into lane. Spins right into a lot of contact. And a foul will be called a we'll get a timeout. Seven twenty six to play her the first workers five what does.

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