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Game can make up for a lot of ills on this team, and that that's a pretty good sized list right in terms of some injuries on defense, and you're often the line basically. Mishmash for most of the season. So yeah, knock on wood. Nothing to the quarterback. Nothing to the top wide receiver. I mean, you can get an injury at tight end You can get an injury at running back. And this team can Persevere and get through all that stuff, but those two key weapons they can cover up for a lot of other issues. If there are some other injuries or or some bad performances on this team. It's nice to have. It's a great luxury to have I thought about Actually, When I saw the acres story I saw. I think the I think Sean McVeigh said. They got some young guys that they're going to look at internally as their first option. And then I thought They call him the bills. I mean, the bills have three running backs or with the with the bills. Call them where they even not pursue. I mean, I just thought Singletary I'm just Singletary, Moss and Brita. They all making the roster? I I don't know. I mean, I just don't know how you work. Barring an injury, three running backs Into your equation over the course of he's actually thought about that, whether they call around for a week. I don't think they call the bills. Yeah, I thought at some point, maybe the bills might get some calls about one of their running backs before the season begins. The expansion draft is coming up tonight. We'll talk about that. We've got some hockey to get to as well 80305 50 to join us 8885 52 5 50 Speaking of the draft coverage today, here on W G R, from 7 to 10. Anchored by Jodi BOC. Paul Hamilton and Britain will be contributing as well. And then Friday night, it is round one of the amateur draft. Joe and Britain will host our coverage from 7 to 11 Paul Hamilton contributing Saturday Day two of the NHL draft. We will have a regular sports talk Saturday with Nate Geary, but Paul and Britain will be checking in from time to time to let you know what's going on with the rest of the Sabres selections in the draft our coverage. Is brought to you by Relax, Honda. Relax. We got this. By Feagles Car and Joyce, your.

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