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He's better than the way remember. And that's not the same thing as functional strength. But other thing, if you're wrestling somebody in your bigger than them, I can say this 'cause I'm bigger than most people I often have a up tune to train within a training environment. The major problem I often have with the smaller guys as their speed, they're able to get in on my hips and legs. Now have some control there when I'm stronger and bigger, but the speed can give me a problem. Maybe maybe till is bigger. A bet you at least early woodley's a lot faster. Yeah. Yeah, I think so too. All right. Any moral, how many, how much time do we have more minutes? Okay, one or two question. Let's see. Let's see how this Okay, cool. cool. They what's going on new condemn. This is Dylan from New Jersey question about who does win over Dimitrius Johnston on on Saturday night. I mean, it seems to me that wrestling is probably the most important arts, a really master. You could see that was arresting dominant victory and you look at all these great champions George Saint Pierre perfecting his wrestling. John Jones wasn't the national champion in in college. He was very good wrestler, so it seems like wrestling is probably the best art form to to master to be an elite fighter. What do you think about this? Thanks. Love the show. So Daniel core MIR and hudo, right? George in peer, you know, all a lot of the greats have been really great at wrestling is wrestling the most dominant. The most important martial art intimate. It depends on one's perspective. I defer to my as he often calls us my brother from another mother, dean, Thomas, we are not related, but. He had made a point on Twitter, I think yesterday or two days ago, whatever it was saying that, well, he didn't know if wrestling by itself was the best skill set and there's some debate about that bomb, but the guys who come from wrestling right? And you've got an, we're talking about relatively elite or outright elite invites, you know, Olympic caliber division one or division. Two even guys are just were grinding out in wrestling rooms for their adolescent and teenage years. They just come out different. They can be trained quickly. They have really worked on their bodies to make it very adaptable to training different kinds and varieties. That again, you also have these takedown skills which are important. You can learn jitsu, but quicker you're more teachable your coach -able. You're ready for a hard training. You just have a certain mentality and physicality, and there's just a certain degree of carryover that comes from. That that jujitsu, you know, this man, sometimes you get rooms and it can be lazy is not the right word, but relaxed have some fun. Everyone's fist-bump in and high five and doing the shock and all that bullshit. Right. And in wrestling rooms, man, you know, it's a great point to me about wrestling one time, right? As I went to watch, I saw the big match years ago. I went in college when they were in college, and I saw David Taylor versus Kyle Dake, and that was like in college at the time. And that was, you know, that was Jordan versus LeBron or something. Right? And and he, I noticed something when the match was over, they shook hands, but like super reluctantly, like, you know, like you had to just by virtue of the rules, but there was no custom to it. Okay. And he goes, you ever noticed that the end of wrestling matches these guys barely shake hands and acknowledge each other. And the end of a really tough fight guys are high five and hugging, there's a certain degree of spirituality Yellen college. Sling, they don't have none of that. They don't do any of that. Dog are warriors their warriors out there. So you take somebody from that environment. You've already got carry over skills which by way on its own Danny might be argument to make that they're the best, but you got all the other attributes as well that come over where these guys are hard nosed as we say in the Marine Corps, hard chargers, man. Yeah, I didn't. I didn't know. I haven't heard of dean Thomas state take, but that's being Thomas by the way, an underrated follow, but I will follow him now after the show. But yeah, that's something that that I had in my mind..

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