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The first time and there's the question what do you do invariably we answer with our job but we do other things in our spare time some of us golf read workout others collect snow globes peru's dictionaries raise fish are pastimes give shape and texture to our lives we know baseball is called the national pastime but we also know americans pass their time this summer on the beach in mountains at the amusement park or just lounging on a chair in the backyard tending a grill we're going to begin this hour in charleston south carolina where on a recent weekday rodney scott perched on a stool in his namesake barbecue joint on king street and pondered the origin and endurance of our laid back culinary pastime food cooked on a grill is great and that helped expose barbecue because that's all we do mostly is fire fire and food such elemental cooking appeals to weekend warriors content to manage heat and product pork shoulder between sips of something in the backyard and professionals like rodney scott who manages heat and pork so well he recently became just the second pit master ever to receive a james beard award he learned from his parents in rural hemingway south carolina where he put in the long hot sweaty work whole hog barbecue requires he still uses exclusively would many barbecue joints don't but growing up there was no other more modern way we cut it we we loaded up earning down and we had to fire up cook those job there's no oven to turn on there was no gas coming in to that i will you know there are plenty of days we wish we had something easier but you know we never had that that comfort of knowing how to just turn the switch because all we knew just to get out there and cut scott started using a chainsaw when he was sixteen learned appreciated craft you know the hard work the energy that we put into it say hey let's let's stick to what we do keith with the wood and keep the flavor going and and here we are this i mean there's a haze that kind of covers the place yeah and you know if you pass by on the interstate the overpass can see the smoke sometimes when you go past that's how i spotted my buildings on the interstate asada smoke one day and i was like yeah that's us right there but it's definitely a as i've been told as far as six blocks they could smell it smells good out here thank you we have barbecue people that pull up and the first thing they do is inhale and they said okay there's a chance here smells like somebody's trying to do it right now dan there is a discerning customer that you're appealing to your it's not like you pulled into a place for barbecues foreign no definitely not foreign here then there are some customers that come in and never had barbecue like this you know they were always used to a smaller scales barbecue ribs or brisket whether or not you soon the whole hog by the time you've listened to this three hour program rodney scott will be approximately a third of the way through cooking a whole hog along backyard smoke can be appealingly lazy scotts working it's pretty intensive to tend to fire because you got a lot of heat going on especially in the summertime and you gotta keep the woodburning at least forty five minutes ahead of time to make sure you got enough coal continue cook if you don't have the cold burned down to continue cooking throws a whole process behind maybe even giving you a.

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