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Line from NPR news in Washington on corva Coleman, there's a flash flood emergency going on right now in Dallas. The national weather service says 8 inches of rain have already fallen. The weather services standing water is submerged vehicles on some Dallas highways. There are videos posted online showing people swimming out of their cars to safety. South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham won't be required to testify the federal courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia this week, a federal appeals court has postponed his testimony in front of a special Georgia grand jury. From member station WAB, Sam greenglass tells us the jurors are investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 election. An appeals court has not halted Graham's testimony just delayed it. The senator has been fighting his subpoena for weeks. He's citing a clause in the constitution that's supposedly shields him from testifying about his working Congress, a lower court judge will now have to weigh whether certain types of questions are off limits before a new date can be set for Graham to appear. Sam greenglass reporting. County officials in Kansas have concluded recount of votes in some counties, this vote affirmed the right to abortion in the state constitution, from member station Casey you are, Frank Morris reports, this month, Kansas voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would have let state lawmakers ban abortion. The anti abortion amendment failed by 18 percentage points. The margin of a 165,000 votes. Still some anti abortion rights advocates demanded a recount and managed to raise enough money to pay for one in 9 Kansas counties. Fewer than 60 votes changed hands. The recount closes the amendment vote, but not the issue. Abortion opponents are working to remove Kansas Supreme Court Justices who have supported abortion rights. On the other hand, at least one Kansas Democrat has adds up reminding voters that her opponent supported the failed amendment. From here on news on Frank Morris in Kansas City. A new survey of business economists finds that most of them are worried about both rising prices and a slowing U.S. economy. NPR Scott horsley reports that a majority of those surveyed are skeptical that the Federal Reserve can bring inflation under control without triggering a recession. The national association for business economics asked nearly 200 of its members how the Central Bank is doing in its job of fighting inflation by raising interest rates. 46% of those polls said the fed's policy is about right. While a slightly smaller number said interest rates are still too low. The fed's expected to keep raising rates in an effort to curb demand and bring prices under control, but it hopes to do so without tipping the economy into recession. Only about one in four economists surveyed expressed confidence, the Central Bank can achieve that so called soft landing. More than half of those polled expect a recession by next summer. And nearly one in 5 believe the U.S. is already in a recession. It's got horse lay in paranoia, Washington. You're listening to NPR news. On double you and YC in New York at 6 O four, good Monday morning, I'm Michael hill. 74 with clouds out there we've had some showers and some rain this morning, showers and storms today, watch out for some of that flash flooding opportunity as well and a high near 80. Yesterday was the last day of early voting for a state Senate and congressional primaries in New York in the newly drawn 12 congressional district which covers the east and west side of Manhattan, residents are guaranteed to lose at least one veteran member of Congress. Gerald Nadler and Carolyn maloney of both incumbent House members vying for the same seat, one upper east side voter named Ritz says it was a tough decision. I was almost dreading this day. I was thinking maybe something will happen that somehow magically one of them will endorse the other and drop out or something. Not a chance of that rich. Meanwhile, challengers surge, Patel, who's never been elected to office before, hopes to beat up both Nadler and maloney, primary day as we said, is tomorrow, August 23rd. Some tenant advocates say New York City landlords are combining vacant rent regulated apartments to create larger units and then jacking up the rents. Residents in the East Village say their landlords are creating Frankenstein apartments that are much more expensive, taking affordable housing off the market at a time when costs are skyrocketing. The 2019 rent law overhaul was supposed to prevent rent hikes, state senator Brian Kavanaugh is chair of the housing committee. The law is at best unclear on this matter. Despite a state agency saying it would address the loophole two years ago, nothing has happened. The agency says it's still working it out. New York health department officials have confirmed the state's first known case of monkeypox in a person younger than 18, a new report on the outbreak shows the virus was detected in a child or teen living outside of New York City, no other information about the case has become available, children and other states, including Texas, California, Florida, and Maine have also contracted monkeypox, which primarily spreads through skin to skin contact, New York leads to nation and monkeypox cases with just more than 2700 confirmed infections to date, the vast majority of those have been reported in New York City

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