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The charming red white and blue porcupine which has been adopted by some libertarian votes as their emblem but you know some of the some of the shirts that are really liked my rights don't end where you're feelings begin and the idea that speech is violence is just ridiculous that's been the great philosophers of mankind it's been a hell of a lot of time and energy on that very question and then the supreme court his spend a tremendous amount of time and energy on that very question and you were wrong your overwhelming only undeniably not even close to being right wrong at what age are we no longer young well the depressing answer these researchers came up with his thirty five according to a study from the university of kitten england it suggests that the mid thirties has the time in our lives win family pressures and fun financial responsibilities combined to cause problems at work and at home you know what that's that's pretty good number i was young i was thinking of physically that certainly about you know if you just look a pro athlete that's about three point you'd certainly say yang anymore 35 yeah you're you're an old man in professional sports but in terms of you look at somebody in nature still don't have their act together that is about pa dry yeah john kelly will eventually unmanned that you're thinking what the hell is that that's i like that as a test mostly because as judgmental your news i've marshall flip arab strong getty shipu the voice of west ham right not not young does it mean all right you're not yang right so listen doesn't matter if you're a republican or democrat you may enjoy it more as a republican blood the senator robert menendez trial is on and what he's been accused of is is disgusting it's ridiculous it's it's on cool end it's hilarious stay with us for a look at the mmd liz trial among others now oh speaking of her prominent hispanic legislators poverty air the sarah california's new attorney general caught up in a in a capitol hill pro but it has been accused of veal and dirty really dirty will see we can squeeze that into nerdy naga well he had the produces servers part of the.

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