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Or wherever you get your podcasts Presented by steamfitters local 6 O two WTO at a 28 Let's go back to Jack now in the traffic center All right riding in the district trouble reported to be in southeast inbound Pennsylvania avenue in your Minnesota avenue we had an earlier wreck there's a little delay coming off the 11th street bridge rolling north onto D.C. two 95 toward the work zone before Pennsylvania avenue along the right side D.C. two 95 pretty much slows out of Maryland as you ride south toward east capital street There is a delay northbound in the third street tunnel riding up toward the light of New York avenue just heavy traffic normal northeastern and northwest with your travelings reported open All right you will find in Maryland We've got some slowing on two 70 south before father Hurley boulevard was off the roadway to the left side The rack down at the sperm near democracy boulevard moved off into the gore area Connecticut avenue south before Randolph wrote a broken down vehicles in the left lane You'd been under direction Hopefully this crash is in the clearing stages Richie rode up near Ritchie Marlborough road and walker mill road Folks earlier had just been making turns literally to avoid the area Connecticut avenue south near Adams drive in Silver Spring Hopefully the right lanes open earlier this morning collars have described a storm drain popped up and sticking up in that far right lane There was a construction barrel in the roadway beltway inner loop after Connecticut avenue reported to be along the right side topside out of loops going to slow from 95 to Georgia avenue then after all Georgetown road into the big curve Still a little bit of a delay south of town on the inner loop just down around two ten headed toward the Wilson bridge The slowing in Virginia is coming right out of Springfield riding up toward the annandale north of two 36 your pace improves 66 should find lanes open but slowing manassas east into centerville passing 50 then again you're just heavy headed toward the beltway There is a little bit of a delay though George Washington Parkway going south you're slow near one 23 and then there's a bit of a delay in roslin to get up onto the Roosevelt bridge Ready to serve with honor the Montgomery county police are hiring for an August police academy Benefits include permanent shifts four day workweek and new higher starting salaries apply a join MCP dot com Jack Taylor WTO P traffic You're not a storm team fours Mike stiffer We will see at least a few peaks of sunshine today We'll call it part later mostly cloudy some patchy drizzle at times but most of the day we'll be dry High supper 60s 70s.

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