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T o P News. In other news, Prince George's County says it's lifting that mask mandate in most cases, and the change takes effect Friday at five. Even after the mask mandate lifts and most environment some still will prefer to wear them. Please be respectful of the person who says I'm not comfortable taking off my mask or a business and Also, Brooks, Prince George's county executive, says the push to get everyone vaccinated continues with door to door outreach, providing them Phil also on rental assistance, temporary unemployment benefits at the door. We're also providing information about access to food distribution sites. Look for the bright yellow vests and I d badges Christi King. W. T o P. NEWS Oh, six. He was a giant of Virginia politics. Former Virginia Senator John Warner has died at the age of 94 Warner was a five I've term Republican representing the state from 1979 through 2009. He also served as secretary of the Navy beforehand. W T O piece Matt Small spoke with one of Warner's former colleagues, independent sort. That's former Virginia congressman Tom Davis, telling W. T o P about fellow Republican and former Senator John Warner what the founders wanted. And that was a senator who represented states not represented party and you was Tegretol. This says he knew Warner going back to the senator's first election in 1978. Morning, Washington, D. C. Dr Sun secretary of the Navy, it gets had a broad, broad legacy of of things that he had done in his life. But the pinnacle was career was his service in the U. S Senate 94 year old died of heart failure at his home in Alexandria last night with his wife and daughter at his side, Matt Small w T O P. News Your governor Ralph Northam has ordered the state's flag be flown at half staff. Over the Virginia capital on the day of his funeral. We've got severe weather starting up this afternoon details on that next. Then previewing these summer movie season with Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday, three. Oh, seven. Have.

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