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Pushes a pile working his way to the painted numbers on the grass. He got to the 50 curtain picks up about two yards right there. I like it stayed with what you do right second. Medium. You don't have to throw the football every time even if you're only going to pick up two or three yards. Keep yourself in the manageable situation, which is where you can function with these guys. I would love to see the Packers run a lot more empty sets this Tampa Buck's defense isn't quite as good when you could spread them out. Even though it's not a big thing that the Packers like to do, Rogers wearing long white sleeves today in this 29 degree afternoon, third down three in the gun right from midfield on the Packer logo moving from our right to our left. Looks in this fixed that the shotgun snap. They rushed five years back in the 19 passed on the far side called the 20 puts a tackle 15 10 called that is a touchdown, and it's pulled by more calls all those Stanley touchdown window. Aaron Rodgers is just thrown a 50 yard touchdown. Pass down the four sideline broken tackle for six a minute into the second quarter here at Lambeau Field. That's exactly what they're going to need. The other guys besides Davante Adams and Aaron Jones to step up and make big plays third and short, not a high percentage to push the ball down the field, but Aaron Rodgers showing He's got some confidence in his young receiver and put it up there in the one on one he beats card here is the extra point to our left. It is goodbye Mason Crosby, 14 07 2nd Quarter of 50 Yard Touchdown pass by Aaron Rodgers Brady has thrown a touchdown pass. We're tied at seven. This is Westwood one's coverage of the NFC championship game. NPR.

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