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We don't need your s and it seems like that's pretty much where we're at with Rothlisberger saying that at this point. We've had Mike Tomlin come out and say that James CONNER has been pretty great about not really saying anything one way or the other just put his head down and playing football. But that's kind of the kitty is and has always been so that that's that's the situation in Pittsburgh. But they are winning football games. I mean, they're they're going in one direction. The ravens are going another. And can I ask you something? Can't the ravens do something more with Lamar Jackson than just run read option. I mean seriously. I mean, you know, we're in week. Not can't they do something more. I saw Harbaugh say today they need to have a more expansive package. Really, really cheese. That's a shock. You. Don't like Joe flacco killing you. Flacco goes not make it any plays. Your defense is playing too many place you've been in training camps since the first July your team's exhausted. Like, you need some life. Like, it's pretty clear you need life, you need juice. This kit will give you a little bit of juice. Maybe he'll make some place. Maybe he won't. But you're gonna find out your four and five you got two good of a team to be. Four and five. I don't think you got a great team. But you got a team that's better than four and five you let a game get away in Cleveland. You let a game. You know, you're supposed to be a favourite going down to Carolina that was a joke. Right. This week against Pittsburgh a team game four hundred fifty yards on the last time. You played them. You can't get anything. I mean, everybody thinks Alex Collins is this great running back Alice council. Nice back. He's a second back. He's a straight line back. You don't have a running game. You can't run the ball your offense coordinator refuses to call any set up any runs and your quarterbacks will play action pass play action pass quarterback. And you're wondering why you're not winning like seriously. You wonder why you're not winning? All right next up as we are prone to do going to talk about the KGB award the team that I guess snuck up on this week Lombardi who do you have there? I mean, the falcons look the falcons were good matchup this week. You know, I think oftentimes people that bet games. And you know, I do that Betty across America. And they always have these things called trends. And all that. But this game was a game that kind of jumped out at me in the sense that the match up was so bad for Washington. Secondary is not very good. They can't cover. They're not. Are not able to play man to man, and if you can block their front, you got a chance and I thought Matt Ryan would make plays in this game. And they snuck up on him. And then the add the fact that the Redskins offense is not very good. It's a run based offense. Then they lose Lyman and the game. I mean, the Redskins are really hurting right now. I mean, if you're going to think the Redskins are going to turn this around anytime soon. I mean, they they lose their starting guards and Sharieff alario, you know, they lost Paul Richardson for the season. I mean, they're signing guys off of. Off the street. This time of the year. You know, they go down to Tampa Tampa is going to move the ball and they're not gonna cover Tampa. And Tampa's defensive line probably will play better this week against a really bad offensive line for Washington. So I think it landed did a great job. Do I align is right now sitting as the seven seed they're four and four they're still in this thing. Right. And if they can fix some of their defense problems, they got a chance, and even when I discussed, you know, the NFC the deputy NFC I mean, you have the Seahawks and the falcons two teams with two quarterbacks who have done a lot in the playoffs sitting there right on the verge of being able to hop back in the race. And really be one of those teams that contend in the playoffs, obviously. And the one good news that you just brought up all the problems of Washington if you are a Cowboys fan, and you were, you know, own Jerry side, and you are Unnop dimissed at heart..

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