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Is so sad. It's gonna be so money. What's in you can hear cars. I know I was only for a long time. This is audio from someone's ring doorbell near the location of 60th in Hampton. Scuse me, 60th and capital 60th and capital Now. Miraculously, Only two people were injured at the midtown shopping center there near 16 and capital. Again at last check. Milwaukee police have not made any arrests. Now the good news is If you can't have good news out of those two incidents. The usual suspects in government didn't come out and call for more gun control after the parking lot turn in the Lebanon in the 19 eighties. There's no calls for stricter gun laws. In the aftermath. Tammy Baldwin didn't put out a press release calling for assault weapons to be banned. Tony Evers didn't tweet that this is just another example of why we outlaw bump stocks and ghost guns. Folks. Tom Barrett didn't go in front of the media and explain why we need to close the gun show loophole. Don't worry, Don't worry. Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson does have a plan. Yeah. Changes, the company said. Claiming club Midtown is not a thing. Is that, like Biden calling and oven idea? Doesn't really exist. So part of Chevy Johnson's plan to prevent this from happening again is and I'm not making this up. Permitted barriers to the parking lot. And Mork security cameras. That's the plan people. That'll do it. That'll keep him away. Yeah, I was. I was going to bring my nine millimeter to club midtown and I found out it might be caught on video. There were hundreds of youngsters at that scene and as the first car ramming proves they all were using their phones to either Facebook live it or User for a TIC tac video. There already is video of all these shots being fired. No one's gonna turn it over a cops. For fear of being called maybe a snitch or even worse, getting killed. What the BLEEP are a couple of more fuzzy cameras posted on top of a T mobile store 200 ft away going to do to deter anybody. That's the solution being Being proposed by government. There is one public official. Whose name I have not mentioned. Who you would think that based on where not one, but both of these incidents happened. Again. Sherman and Hampton. That was the car ramming incident with gunshots. Heard of the background and then 60th in capital. Sunday night. She? There's a hint. We have something anything to say about it, but Nope. Silence. Instead, her focus is bashing the same organization. That's supposed to be protecting the people who are living in the neighborhoods who can't seem to go 45 minutes without sounding like the OK corral. Remember the O K Corral, Paul. No Tombstone, Arizona Kind of touristy. I mean, I I get it. It's nothing like they show in the movies. There's the two big movies wider up where Kevin Costner was wider up, and then the movie tombstone where, Who was a Kurt Russell? Was wider up. It's always a great question. Which of the two was better because they came out? I think, Never mind, eh? You're apart. I think they came out the same year. You say, Kurt Russell. See, I disagree. Val Kilmer was a very It was a great wide herb. Excuse me. Doc Holliday. Val Kilmer was dark colony in the movie Tombstone with Kurt Russell. Kevin Costner was a better wide herb in the movie. Wider, pure. Following all this, by the way, all right in the wider But who was it, Dennis? That Leary Wait. Dennis Quaid was Doc Holliday. They should have combined the two with my point. They should have taken Val Kilmer and copy and paste it him into the movie Wyatt Herb, because that would mean that much better although wider, it was a long movie just went on and on and I'm But my point is even in both those movies. So many liberties were made with Tombstone. Arizona. I'm walking around. I was there in Tombstone Arizona food four years ago, maybe five years ago again to our Steve, I'm going. This isn't like the movie at all. I have been told town, Scott still, um, filmed a lot of the old movies that Reagan was in as a cowboy back in the fifties. In fact, part of here we go. Part of wider pus filled an old time old old town Scottsdale. I mean, you're right on the border. That's I mean, Aaron Rodgers. Okay. Say his name. Yes. No can throw a football into Mexico. That's all close. Tombstone is but anyway. I'm gonna tell you who that individual is and trust me. You're not going to believe What she's pushing for. In the context of everything that's happening in her own community. We'll do that. Next on the Friday afternoon show him Dave Michaels, Newstalk 11 30 W..

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