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Defense. When all is said and done well. I i would. I would say that Are this is why we're here is why we went this past weekend. This is if you look at the teams that we've played this year token i eyeball another team in your In your mind you can see how you would match up with that team. You know there's drinks how race matchup with your weaknesses and vice versa. We're we're we're they hurt you. Where do you hurt them. And the pain that keeps us the most games maximum. We don't shoot well is Is we don't let you score but you know it's like being in a fight song was always going to be. There's always gonna be that one guy out there that you haven't seen him yet. That's i can put your place and there's and there's always that team in these tournaments that's why no matter how good the team is. They can lose right. Nobody knows that better than the cougars over the years By the greatest team never to win a championship with five jama. He knows tape. About how great that team was that kind of shows you how the fragility of the nc double a. tournament. You know if a best of five best of seven series five jama probably would have won multiple championships. But it's only forty minutes to twenty minutes has- to see who can score more points than forty minutes and the best thing that always win those games and that's why that's why you just prepare your team the best you can Make sure they have the right mindset. Make sure they have all of the amunition they need so be successful and then sit back and hopefully we put this in the basket border and the other team. I'll let you go of this. I've got about thirty seconds. Do you have any pre pregame routines are why are you just as nervous now as you first start or nerves. Not a problem for you. Know i get nervous I would be less than not as if i said i get excited. You know I i don't know how many have been in sixteen seventeen maybe But i get. The same. feeling is a tremendous accomplishment. But i'm so proud of my guys. I've just just kinda my team. I'm happy for them. We walk run and locker room friday night and you know Bright lights are on us. And we're playing against a terrific team We can go play basketball with all this with everything that's happened in the last year we still get to play and we're so fortunate and blessed and so thankful that we get to do that. I don't lose sight of that either special team special coach going to be a special moment. Friday we start and we'll be watching coach a love you. I'm proud of you and couldn't be happier for you. And now i know it's a this is a grind and you stay on it and we'll be watching and pull employees my man and i hope it turns out the way you want it. Okay sean i appreciate it and face having me on it though. 'cause i look forward to getting with you when you get back my friend. Thank you coach. Kelvin sampson one of the best in the business. I think i can put him up against anybody. Not just recruiting. But the way he'll be relentless in his coaching and trust is players sportstalk seven nine and now we went long way long. But that's okay worth it. The number two seed. Friday night against cleveland state coming back h towns most complete breakfast collage cheese breakfast tacos and john salisbury steak. Don't forget to voca view. Air holes yogi cleaning. That my trust me more sean. Right now on sports. Talk seven ninety. Magnus a quick one. Great stuff by calvin stamps up. You know it's interesting. Mc and heavy t heavy. First time you've been able to hear him in an interview right locally correct. Yeah yeah really good. It's getting the vast. yeah he's classic and the one thing about not a lot. There's not a lot of hyperbole and i know it comes off as coach. Speak to some. But when he says we're enjoying the moment. I assure you coaches i've talked to and he'd been one of them. Frank martin bob huggins guys that. I've known for a long time throughout the years. Coaching in any sport to us. Well come on their to to verse fifteen. Well we've seen it before. He will not take this team anymore lightly coaching them. Then he would if they were getting ready to play baylor or gonzaga he will be the same way different game philosophy because of the lineup but coach in the same way and and i love it because i always think okay. Da show the trophy. Say this all what. He laughed. Dot here he's not mets. Trae celebrate doing their practice celebration negative. He is sincerely that this is. And i try to tell. But i've said it on here before we say during football. It's if you want to know how hard it is to win. At the rockets they got beat again last night. I don't mean that as a dig to them. They got beat in last night to the hawks. One here one. Eighteen one zero seven hard to win. And i i didn't you don't want to think about tommy anchor. He was at michigan. He's at harvard. And for tommy amateurs never been to the tournament. He said yeah they did. Did he have been one time or at michigan. He was never in the tournament but is amazing. How hard it is to get with sixty eight talk like it should be easy but it isn't what shock has been talking to him earlier he'd been. Ut for what six years. Whatever is only the second time he's gone. I think the and six years there. Yeah so it is. It's not and then once you're there. It's hard to win any so right and i've said this to it's not always the best team in march the winds. You know what it is. The hottest downright it is like the baseball postseason right. You get rolling and own. my gosh. It is anchored into the tournament. More than one time would would it michigan. Did he make it no. You didn't make it. that's that's what. he said. His force michigan it michigan. He did not make the table which ended up getting him fired right. Yeah that's what coach sampson was talking about. But i'm a huge fan of his. He cares about kids. Met him and i have had conversations off the constantly. I come home. It was kind of a mentor. some of the things. He's told me encourage me to do by. Shut this shocker. Smarts third tournament appearance in one. Two three four five six years hard to do. It's amazing to me to do like that. I mean that's school. you think texas. They should be in the tournament every single year. I'm i'm a huge fan of coach sampson. And we'll be pulling for him on friday night and cleveland state dist- you can't take these types of team for grant because they got the as a fifteen seed. Nobody expects him to move on so they're going to end. They're going to create mismatch. Hit by problems for you as he said. And it's tough with them when they plan that small ball and coach sampson will have them ready to go. And like you said nerves still the same as it was his first tournament which was sixteen or seventeen of ago. Then a hell of a run. This is a special team. And he's a special coach. Sportstalk seven ninety rolling on here as we hit the middle of hour number three. Thanks again to. Coach kelvin sampson. Good luck to the cougs on friday. Night dr jeff whitsett whitsett vision dot com w. h. it s..

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