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Of that i am the king not so much oh need to be president yeah you but you the difference takes a minute to feel to realize how to wield power and wheeled it effectively yeah i mean you you could sometimes will it powerfully but not terribly accurately and clumsily he's learned how to deploy that power not only with maximum impact but with really surgical precision yeah but then a misteps is funny we say that but then there are missteps ca the collective say they're misteps like the prep rally on decision and that's just the guy was like oh i am the king i am the greatest i can do this and then when you do it they say no you're not so then what do you do you put the turtle hey back in the shale you say oh you're right i need to help these other guys and then they're like no bring yourself bring the king back and i think i've seen that seesaw over the years but now he's he's gonna handle on it yeah he's all in now we'll hear from magic some more plus we'll hear from liquor general manager rob pelinka that's coming up marcellus and travis espn la no you guys turn into a radio station but this isn't alone promo intro that break was the last shorter in i think my co host anticipated what to do when i leave next week we'll all that music a little longer do we got into the verdict was that like thirty seconds not even now's crazy didn't even get where i was going around oh the hell was that can you get tito i say those are pretty good a joe i'm trying to help you out i hate to do an i got to promos please a mega pay for this sometimes it's it's not about the money sometimes very very few thank thank him later related thimbles they're called thin ables anybody out there that's fat but like snacks you like salt you like crunch you like cheetos things of that nature thimbles this sounds like it is spelled they only have sixty calories and seven grams of carbs so basically you can eat the hell out of these cheetos and not get trying to help you only go back some we said is there a fact guy that doesn't like snacks got in the first place well you know i'm fat guy that doesn't like sweets yeah me too okay perfect so when i say snacks i meant like you maybe the sweet tooth guy but for those who are back tip aga chips tries for real yeah i go to vance and people were like you want some cake like no yet from doritos yeah we got a problem wings lying around right your little apple tort isn't that interesting to me but i have one more promo i don't know the full story so i won't butcher it but basically there's a place called the crack check your at sanyo who to oversee always get this stuff i you know test site known even out the hood and stuff but it's coming is coming to sit your city is come into rasheda crack check let me tell ya y'all want some fried chicken healthier fried chicken so it's not our ganic but it's free range and all you can taste the difference i'm popeye fanatic however i have been converted because this chicken you taste like whatever form this is a little better a little more rain right right all tied up in the a little more room i'm telling you the best tasting crispy spicy they have fire roasted grilled or fried chicken you order outside you walk inside a sports bar do comes by gal comes by bringeth your food fill like you at datum busters kind of plan cornhole eating some of the best chicken i've ever had in my life to let you know they come in and if you don't know where they are wasn't costa mesa i went to this weekend crack check one don't even i'm looking online once coming in century city receiving this summer and pasadena coming in fall down by me don't even reach out well you know what i allow to get out of there so i went to a funeral so that like the mindset hey wait i wanted to angle live but i had to fake it you know like the perception of going to a funeral yeah what you do what are you doing around he'd invited to run into the.

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