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So to speak that just influenced me, no end. How'd you guys even? I went with militia Newman militiaman was a contract player. She was the son of Mark who's an agent of composers. And we regather for ten years right up until the time when I met Catherine than it's the, you know the way than taking full, but I'm forever grateful for heaven that relationship with the family, and I carry a lot of that with me still today love of all of them. But I think getting lip go from the program was just it was another chapter. It was exciting. I was gonna get to go outside the studio going interviews because at that point had a piece of film, and in those days, as you well know, you know, be needed a piece of filming I had these little clips, but I had relationships and solid relationship with this agent. Dick that point in time, and it wasn't long after I left there that went over to paramount. I had an interview for mission impossible last year, and that sort of it seems in the beginning of a run out of stuff, including a lot of TV movies, many cherries like at a very solid run for it would have been a couple years, but that leads into what would have been it looks like the first and for a while the only star lead opportunity. Which was lifeguard. And this is so interesting with with your, you know, your life story because just to set the scene. It's over a paramount. It's a film about a lifeguard who's high school reunion, and I guess also his rekindling of an old romance forces him to consider giving up the job he loves for white collar work. And you're going to be the lead. You talk about getting cast in that getting to do it. And then what happened? Folks were both lifeguards really replace girl. Washington. Berko Pez, Texas. That's a good fun fact. Yeah. Bekker's of the photographs that went out with with all the press clippings or press kits. Aims of picture of my mom and dad in their life. Gird tugs and fixture in appear speed. I knew about the film and couldn't get a meeting on it. I was with William Morris at the time Ron Meyer, Bill Haberman agents. There was a guy named miles Kyun. Sorry, you're out there. But I'm gonna tell this. Who was handling the project and a just can get a meeting is called them. Ask him. He's another one of meat. I got somebody else in mind, and I was living on the beach and play del Ray was in the ocean. Every day. I was always a swimmer, and I was water, man. So to speak. Poor boys. Water vapor, poor man's Waterman wouldn't an ocean lifeguard. It was fifth one day. I get a call from this guy miles CUNY said they wanna meet you life gardens. Really? He said. Yeah. Okay. Had to meeting down, Dan Petri and thing. Ron Koslow was their director and writer. I asked any have this come about. He said I was in the in our bathroom brushing my teeth, and I hear Dorothea the other room crime issues. Danny come look at this guy. That's in this movie. She's perfect for it. I think it's Adam Rorick. And he said Becker presidencies. I know Anamour Casse totally wrong for it. Anyway, came back out, and they sat there in a bid. They didn't have a clue was the movie was a pixel frauds and had done for American international Anamur was in the film, but they didn't have a clue and they sat through it watched. It got my name off the credits..

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