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It's been one of the worst public health catastrophes of you know of our generation. That's Dr Sam Tour body of Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. You're listening to ABC News. Hey away news. Radio time is 10 02. I'm Brenda Stewart Governor Pulis promising the majority of people 70 and older will get the covert 19 vaccine by the end of February. The feds have promised Colorado 70,000 doses of the vaccine every week. But he admits we could see disruptions in the supply we have had under delivery, particularly on the visor vaccine in the last few weeks. Still, the governor says he's committed to having 70% of people 70 and older vaccinated by the end of next month. He's confident both Johnson and Johnson and asked Zeneca will get approval of the vaccine shortly, adding to the number of doses Colorado receives. We're seeing a sharp rise in the number of people testing positive for covert, but state epidemiologist Dr Rachel Hurley, he says. That could be because of the stepped up testing. We are rapidly expanding our surveillance in the state for not just to be 117 variant, but all variants. So our lab is receiving specimens from a network of hospitals across the state. Another 300 1000 Americans tested positive for the virus yesterday. That's the most ever within 24 hours. The Corona virus pandemic is taking its toll on Colorado's public land. Outdoor recreation has increased significantly and land managers they thousands of hikers in the San Juan Mountains are decimating sensitive Alpine tundra. Rangers say dogs are running off leash in the White River National forest, and owners aren't picking up their waste. The destruction could lead the state to requiring reservations at popular outdoor destinations. If you're suffering from cabin fever, several movie theaters in Colorado have reopened for the weekend. AMC Harkins and Sina markers still requiring masks and social distancing and Mostert 40% capacity or less employees are required to disinfect the seats after each movie. Our next update a 10 30. I'm Brenda Stewart. I'm Keohane, NewsRadio, Wait, 50 A M and 94 1 FM. From the Bedford Sports Traffic.

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